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Visiting the Past  

Visiting The Past
September & October 2006

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Visiting The Past is researched from the 1880s forward by Norma McHann. The information below is from the the Smyrna Herald, Smyrna Neighbor, Cobb County Times, Cobb Chronicle and Marietta Daily Journal.

120 Years Ago

Smyrna: Sept. 30, 1886: Mr. James Mable was married to Miss Emma Quinn, of Augusta, on 23rd inst. He and his bride came up to Mableton on the 24th where a number of friends and relatives met them in a "social" and a good dinner. Mr. Mable is now, we are sorry to learn, is sick with malaria fever which he contracted in the swamps of the Santee River, where he has been railroad building.

Mr. "Lump" Daniel, our efficient tax receiver, has improved his pretty country home on the Concord road.

The Baptist immersed six new members Sunday. They are rapidly building up a strong congregation in Smyrna.

Smyrna: Oct. 21, 1886: Mr. Tobe Medlin is repairing the Presbyterian church. A vestibule, belfry and other improvements are to be made.

Mr. Raymond Simpson, near Bethel, has a dog two years old that has caught 35 squirrels--3 weeks before last and nine rabbits the same week.

100 Years Ago

Smyrna: Sept. 6, 1906: The reunion of the scholars who attended the old Smyrna Academy way back in 1854 took place in the grove behind the Methodist Church last Tuesday. At a Roll Call of these ancient School Children, some 25 answered to their names. The
day was pleasantly spent in reminiscences of school days as they had and enjoyed them. Hon.

Jas. L. Mayson of Atlanta, delivered the address of the occasion in his usual happy and charming manner. One feature of the reunion was the reception of a letter addressed one of the scholars in attendance, from the sweetheart of those good old days of "long long ago." This young fellow as a persistent lover and became the shadow of his lady love, so much so that the boys and girls nicknamed the young lady, "Joe" and it is said she even now answers to the magic name of "Joe." The reunion was a great success and those old boys and girls of 1854, and there-abouts, seemed just enjoying a happy moment of recess, from the arduous studies of every day life in the great school of experience.

Mr. Bob Dunton is building an awning in front of his store and the telephone exchange.

The many friends of Miss Lorena, the dear little daughter of Dr. W. T. Pace, will regret to learn that she is quite sick with fever.

Olive Springs: Sept. 13, 1906: The Concord singing convention met here Saturday week. Several classes were represented with a full delegation. No better music has ever been heard. Officers elected for next year were J. A. Lewis, president; W. N. Edwards, vice-president and F. B. Barber, secretary.

Smyrna: Sept. 13, 1906: The Belmont Farms people have installed a milking machine in their dairy department. It is a wonderful yet simple device by which one man can milk eight cows at the same time. It is said to be giving entire satisfaction.

Capt. John T. Pace is getting his ginnery apparatus in good shape for this year's crop of

Smyrna: Sept. 13, 1906 (continued) cotton. He says there will not be as much cotton to gin this year as we had last, nor does he think it will be as good staple, but the prospects are that we will get more money for it.

Mr. J. Walker Fuller, one of our prominent merchants, visited the "Old Homestead" at Roswell, last Sunday. it's a good thing to go back occasionally, notwithstanding "old home is not what it used to be."

Smyrna: Sept. 20, 1906: Dr. W. T. Pace sold his three room house on Terrell Ave. to a Mr. Wood, of Villa Rica, who will move to Smyrna in the next few days.

We came very near having a blacksmith shop in Smyrna last week, but like nearly everything else, opposition developed and an injunction was had against it and the enterprise will likely fall through.

Mr. Cliff Fowler has about completed his hennery and has about as pretty a chicken farm as you find anywhere in a days journey.

Work begins on the school house Monday. A large force of hands are employed to take the roof off and rush the work through.

Smyrna: Sept. 27, 1906: Mr. Jeff Crow had his foot cut off above the ankle by a mowing machine last Monday afternoon week.

Next Saturday and Sunday will be devoted to the Orphans' Home by our people. Saturday's day's work will be given them, and Sunday the Sabbath schools have arranged an interesting program, and expect a large congregation and generous contribution for the cause.

Smyrna: Oct. 11, 1906: The residence of Mr. R.N. Hughes caught fire last Monday morning but fortunately the flames were extinguished before any serious damage was done.

The remains of Mrs. M. L. Petty, who died in Atlanta Friday morning were laid to rest in the cemetery at this place Saturday noon. She is survived by her husband, M. L. Petty and three daughters aged 8, 12 and 16.

Smyrna: Oct. 18, 1906: Belmont Farms took all the prizes and ribbons at the Macon Fair.

The Baptist church has organized an orchestra of local talent, consisting of several instruments and is preparing to have fine music at that church during services. The orchestra is under the able and efficient management of Prof. Clarence Burk.

Mr. Cliff Fowler has just completed an elegant and up-to-date Chicken Hotel on his farm and will engage more extensively in the poultry business than ever. Mr. Fowler is getting to be quite a chicken expert.

Mr. Mat Simpson has gone to Cartersville and will visit Dalton before returning home; and there-by hangs a tale. Mr. Simpson has not been away from home or eaten a meal from home in 33 years, and his neighbors are horrified that he should break such a record at this date.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Mason last Wednesday, a fine baby girl.

Olive Springs: Oct. 25, 1906: The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Legg are congratulating them on the arrival of a fine boy at their home.

90 Years Ago

Olive Springs: Sept. 15, 1916: Mrs. John S. Wilson gave a quilting party on Tuesday to matrons and at night about fifty young boys and girls were invited in and after several games suitable for the occasion ice cream and cake were served.

Mr. L. Y. Rogers has the contract to clean off Olive Springs: Sept. 15, 1916 Continued: Maloney Springs cemetery, those being appointed on the committee to see after this work are as follows: Messrs J. P. York, G. L. Shaw, J. W. Barber, J. E. White and G. E. Crow.

Olive Springs: Sept. 29, 1916: Mr. T. F. Knox and Mr. E.M. Daniell are very busy making syrup, if you want to enjoy some good home made syrup just call on these gentlemen.

On Saturday night near Fair Oaks the buggy of Mr. S. A. White and Mr. J. H. Sanders ran into each other, crushing the buggies and only slightly injuring them. The horses were frightened and could not be controlled by the drivers.

Nickajack: Oct. 6, 1916: The month of October with the cool winds, the glorious sunshine and golden rods, make us feel that nature has something more than real summertime in the future for us.

The friends of little Herbert and Howard Moss will be glad to know they are convalescing after several weeks illness of Typhoid fever, under the skillful treatment of Dr. W. T. Pace.

Regular preaching at Mt. Harmony Saturday and Sunday. Rev. Byers is preaching some able sermons.

Smyrna: Oct. 6, 1916: Miss Alta Hamby celebrated her 16th birthday at her home near Smyrna Friday evening with a lawn party. When the big pink cake with 16 candles was cut, Miss Leila Fowler found the dime, Mr. Green, of Atlanta, the ring and Roy Fowler the thimble.

Olive Springs: Oct. 6, 1916 Mr. T. F. Knox and two sons, Messrs. W. H. and J. H. accompanied by their uncle, Mr. Geo. Seals, of Atlanta, motored to Macon Tuesday to attend the State Democratic convention.

Mr. A. A. Daniell has moved to Smyrna where he will open up a nice line of groceries. Mr. Wilbur Moore will take Mr. Daniell's store near Jonesville crossing, which he bought recently of Mr. Daniell.

Gilmore: Oct. 12, 1916: J. P., the little two-year old son of Mr. D. G. Runyun, died in a private sanitarium in Atlanta, September 30th.

The Ladies Aid Society held their regular meeting at Locust Grove church on Tuesday afternoon. It was decided that the society would meet only once a month and at the ladies' homes during the winter.

Thelma Hogue celebrated her tenth birthday with a party on Saturday afternoon.

The Locust Grove school has opened with 230 pupils in attendance. The teachers are Miss Emma Wicks, of Covington Miss Lillian Bryant, of Atlanta, and Miss Edith Conway, of Atlanta.

Nickajack: Oct. 13, 1916: The members of Mt. Harmony Baptist church gave an ice cream supper on Wednesday night Oct. 4, to raise money for the Orphans' Home at Hapeville, a large crowd being present and a very neat sum of money raised.

A number of young people from this place are attending the circus in Atlanta today.

Smyrna: Oct. 20, 1916: Mr. Henry Rice, of Camp Harris, was the guest Sunday of his parents Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Rice.

The Smyrna Literary and Social Club was delightfully entertained by Miss Ethel Gann and Mrs. G. C. Green at Mrs. Green's home last Wednesday afternoon. All the members attended the fair in Atlanta Wednesday of this week.

Gilmore: Oct. 26, 1916: Willie Henson, the 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Duke, died in Gilmore: Oct. 26, 1916

Atlanta October 9. His death was caused by an accident and interment was made in Hollywood cemetery.

Mr. Conway, of Conway Station, gave a very good talk at prayer meeting Sunday night.

80 Years Ago

Smyrna: Sept. 2, 1926: Smyrna public schools will open Monday morning Sept. 6th. The following teachers have been announced by J. T. Lowe, Superintendent and teacher for 9th and 10th grades, Miss Colene Reed, Principal and teacher of 8th grade, Miss Maud Baldwin, 7th grade; Miss Agnes Baldwin, 6th grade; Miss Judith Rice, 5th grade; Mrs. C. I. Holcombe, 4th grade; Miss Annie Mae Brown, 3rd grade; Mrs. C. L. Ivey, 2nd grade; Miss Lucile Cochran, 1st grade. Miss Sue Pollock will have charge of the music department and Miss Annie Shafe will be in charge of expression department. Between three and four hundred pupils are expected to be in school this season.

Oakdale: Sept. 9, 1926: Locust Grove school started Monday with Prof Harvey and an able faculty on the job. A new high school grade is being added this year.

Miss Kenneth Maner is returning to Agnes Scott College for her senior year, Miss Katherine Anderson and Misses Sara and Katherine White have gone to Powder Springs to the A & M for the term.

Nickajack: Sept. 30, 1926: The many friends of Mr. J. N. Dodgen are sympathizing with him in the loss of his sister, Mrs. D. F. Hood who was killed by a train last week.

70 Years Ago

Smyrna: Sept. 3, 1936: Mrs. David Cano complimented her two children Thursday with a prom party at the home of their grandmother Mrs. Leila Harrison, in Smyrna. The children have lived in Alabama until recently, when they came to locate here.

Smyrna: Sept. 10, 1936: The Smyrna Public Library, an NYA project made possible here through co-operation of the Smyrna Men's Club and the Smyrna Woman's Club, will be opened to the public for the first time on next Tuesday evening, Mrs. Callie Jay, librarian, disclosed today. The program starts at 7:30 o'clock, but library which is in the Woman's Club building on Smyrna-Atlanta road, will be opened for inspection until 9:30 o'clock.

Milt Reece, 38, of Smyrna, along with Mrs. Reece, Phillip Mayfield, her father, and Miss Nola French, had a narrow escape from death last Friday as the automobile in which they were riding overturned on the new Atlanta-Macon road, after hitting a telephone post.

Smyrna: Sept. 17, 1936: Smyrna High School enrollment numbers 109, which is the highest ever attained in this division of the school. A new laboratory has been arranged for the science pupils. Miss Helen Little is teaching a music class which is accomplishing a great deal. The school welcomes five new teachers, Miss Lois Rogers, Miss Ernestine Petree, Miss Evelyn Edwards, Miss Sara Coan, and Mrs. Albertine Fleming. The school's total enrollment includes 514 students, showing an increase of about 100 over last year's student body.

The first and second grades taught by Miss Rogers have 46 students. Miss Rice's third grade has 35 on roll. The fifth grade taught by Miss Sara Coan of Locust Grove has 42 pupils. The sixth grade has an enrollment of 40 pupils. They have elected Mary Frances Taylor and Melvin Holleman as nurse and doctor respectively.

Oakdale: Sept. 24, 1936: Governor-designate, E. D. Rivers of Georgia, M. D. Collins state school superintendent, leading officials of Cobb county and prominent residents of Atlanta,

Oakdale: Sept. 24, 1936 Continued: Marietta and Smyrna will all join Monday night at Locust Grove in the dedication of Fitzhugh Lee school. Roger Enloe is principal of the school and Robert Thornwell Coit is assistant principal. Members of the district board of trustees are Berry D. Bolling, chairman; W. R. Hoyt, Jr., treasurer; Clarence Dempsey, secretary; R. L. Wood and Roy Gentry.

Smyrna: Oct. 8, 1936: Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Edwards announce the engagement of their daughter, Margaret Louise, to John Earle Lowry, Jr., the marriage to be solemnized in November at the Smyrna Methodist church.

Oakdale: Oct. 8, 1936: Funeral services for Elijah L. Herren, 78, died at Locust Grove, were held Sunday afternoon at Collins Springs church and interment in church cemetery. Surviving are his wife, daughters, Mrs. L. J. Wood, and Mrs. Fred Puckett; sons, C. L. Herren and W. E. Herren; and brothers, J. A. and J. M. Pallbearers were W. E. Hogue, Roy Herren, Virlyn Herren, S. A. Wood, Clark Hudgens, Jr. and H. D. Moore.

Smyrna: Oct. 8, 1936: Representing Smyrna school Olin Jones won first place in the amateur contest with his violin solo, and Jack Taylor placed third in the freckles contest.

An impressive ceremony here Sunday was the christening of Parker Rice Lowry, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Lowry, at the Smyrna Methodist church during the 11 o'clock service. Rev. V. L. Bray performed this with the assistance of the pastor, Rev. A. E. Scott. The infant was dressed in a long dainty dress which was worn by his mother, the former Miss Judith Rice. He is named after his maternal grandfather and his great-great grandfather.

60 Years Ago

Oakdale: Sept. 5, 1946: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Herren and son, Freddie, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Dempsey and son, Raymond, spent Sunday and Monday at Gatlinburg, Tenn.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sentell and sons, Don and Benny, and Mrs. Jessie Chastain visited Rev. and Mrs. D. W. Edwards in Tuscumbia, Ala. recently.

Nineteen former graduates of Smyrna High school, some of whom declared that after graduating they would never darken the doors of the school, appeared again at the school Monday. They just couldn't stay away from 'dear old Smyrna high,' so they returned as visitors.

There will be two glee clubs , the girl's club will be directed by Mrs. Leslie Blair and the boys, by Howard McDowell. Howard, who graduated from Smyrna in '46, will also attend the University of Georgia Evening College.

Smyrna: Sept. 12, 1946: The Smyrna Woman's Club held its September meeting at the club house, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Barrett Barton, of Sandy Springs, was the guest speaker. Mesdames J. P. Cranshaw, Lewis Anderson and G. B. Williams were joint hostesses.

Smyrna: Sept. 19, 1946: The First Baptist Church of Smyrna was the setting on Sunday evening, September 15, for the wedding of Miss Ann Evelyn Petty, daughter of Mrs. John F. Petty and the late Mr. Petty, of Smyrna, and Norris William Hendrix, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Norris Hendrix, of Atlanta.

The Smyrna Social Club had its September meeting at the home of Mrs. D. J. Ray, Jr. on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Ray's sister, Mrs. Henry Konigsmark, Sr. was joint hostess for the occasion.

John Rice, of Atlanta, brother of the late Mr. Parker Rice, of Smyrna, died at his home in Atlanta last week. Mr. Rice was a pioneer citizen of Cobb county and owner and operator of Concord Woolen Mills near Smyrna.

Smyrna: Sept. 19, 1946 Continued: The friends of Mrs. Parker Rice, sympathize with her in the death of her brother, Mr. Bert Z. Ruff, at his home in Spartanburg, S.C.

Smyrna: Sept. 26, 1946: Lex Jolley is attending the Convention of the National Security Traders Association in Seattle, Washington. Enroute to and from he is touring the West, going as far up as Lake Louise.

Smyrna: Oct. 3, 1946: Plans were made Monday night at a meeting of representatives of the civic and religious groups of Smyrna for the establishment of a Teen Age Canteen.

Mrs. Joe Pruitt, mayor, elected chairman for the project appointed a committee to secure a place for the canteen. Members are J. M. Griffin, Mrs. W. R. Mountcastle and Rebekah Austin.

Smyrna: Oct. 10, 1946: Smyrna will elect a mayor and two councilmen on Nov. 2, Scott Edwards, city attorney, announced today. Mrs. Lorena Pace Pruitt, elected last year to fill the unexpired term of J. Y. Wootton, resigned, is expected to seek re-election.

Log Cabin: Oct. 17, 1946: The Log Cabin Garden Club met recently at the home of Mrs. R. A. Teasley with Mrs. Dewey Switzer as co-hostess.

Smyrna: Oct. 17, 1946: The Smyrna High school basketball season will open Oct. 22 with a game with Austell at Smyrna.

The Busy Bee group of the Junior Maccabees, of Smyrna, had their October meeting at the Masonic Hall Friday afternoon.

Oakdale: Oct. 17, 1946: Miss Virginia Farmer and Mr. Aubrey Herren, whose marriage will be an event of Oct. 20, were honored at a lovely party Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Herren.

Smyrna: Oct. 31, 1946: The survey for the

Smyrna water and sewerage project has been finished and negotiations on a contract for pipe and fittings are under way, Harold Willingham, of Willingham, Cheney, Hicks, and Edwards, city counsel, announced today.

Voters in Smyrna will go to the polls Saturday between l p.m. and 8 p.m. to choose between Mrs. Joe Pruitt, incumbent, and Harry Mitchell, an ex-service man running on a "Progressive" ticket for the office of mayor. Two councilmen will also be elected from four candidates in the Saturday election. Two candidates are ex-service men who are running on the Progressive ticket. They are Ralph Lewis, Jr. and Howard P. McCollum. Other candidates are P.P. Shaw and Homer D. Durham.

50 Years Ago

Smyrna: Sept. 6, 1956: Miss Barbara Foster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Foster became the bride of Tommy Hamilton, son of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hamilton, Sr., of Smyrna in a double ring ceremony Friday evening at Roswell Street Baptist Church.

Smyrna: Sept. 13, 1956: The Campbell high Panther, after sharpening her claws last Friday in Rome was looking forward to their first 4-AA win of the season Friday night, when the Hapeville Hornets come to Smyrna for the home curtain raiser.

Smyrna: Sept. 27, 1956: More than 150 bow and arrow enthusiasts will come to Smyrna Sunday for Georgia State Pre-Hunt Tournament. Members of the Cherokee Bowmen, of Smyrna, will be hosts at this tournament.

Smyrna's 1956 tax digest totals a record $7,850,000, an increase of $1,300,000 over last year, the annual report of the Board of Assessors disclosed last week. The tax digest is listed as only one-third of the retail value of property, meaning the city is worth over $20,000,000.

Smyrna: Oct. 4, 1956: The Married Young Peoples Class of Smyrna First Baptist Church entertained at a banquet Saturday evening at Twelve Oaks Restaurant, with Bill Waldron serving as master of ceremonies. A program depicting the different eras of Love was presented from a printed program in the form of a mask. Representing "Old Fashioned Love, were Mr. and Mrs. John Mansfield; the "Gay Nineties" Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shepherd; "War Years," Grady Chaffin; "Sweethearts of the Present," Mr. and Mrs. Bob Raulerson.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Tinsley, of Smyrna, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Winifred Tinsley, to Richard H. Gazaway, of Atlanta, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Gazaway. The wedding will be an event of November 17.

Two appointments to Marietta-Cobb Civil Defense positions have been announced by Mrs. J.M. Foster, director. Mrs. Claude Hambrick, Jr., of Smyrna has been named deputy director in charge of women's activities and Horace Crowe, of Marietta, public relations officer.

Mr. and Mrs. David Cano, of Smyrna, were the near victims of Hurricane Flossy last week. Their car was tossed against a sandbank, causing painful injuries to Mr. Cano and bruises to Mrs. Cano.

John A. McCracken, of Smyrna is Cobb County's first polio fatality in recent years. He lost a four-day struggle against a paralytic seizure at Grady Hospital of Atlanta.

Smyrna: Oct. 11, 1956: In a special Monday night meeting the Smyrna City Council passed an ordinance to erect curbing on Powder Springs Street from Hamby to Eastfield Road. The next council meeting is scheduled for November 5 when a new councilman will be selected to replace Vern Bolton, who recently resigned. Other business at the meeting will be the presentation of the 1957 budget by Murray Sonenberg, finance chairman. This year's budget amounted to approximately $153,000.

Estimated population of Smyrna is now 11,000.

Smyrna: Oct. 18, 1956: Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Jeffares, of Smyrna have four sons. Robert Edward enlisted and served in the South Pacific during World War II. James Harold served from 1945 to 1946 and saw service in China with the Marines. George Daniel served from August 1951 to August 1955 and saw action in Korea with the 1st Marine Division. Richard Kenneth, who is a senior at Campbell High School, recently told TSgt. Joe Sassenberg, the Marine recruiter for the Smyrna area, " As soon as I graduate, I wouldn't think of joining any branch but the Marines."

Smyrna: Oct. 25, 1956: The Lex Jolleys of Pretty Branch Drive, Smyrna, left today for a two weeks jaunt through the middle and far west. Mr. and Mrs. Jolley and daughter Malinda fly to Chicago to join some 500 others on the "NSTA Special Train" to head west. "Whistle Stops: en-route will be made at Omaha, Denver, Cheyenne and Salt Lake City. The group stops over in Las Vegas for an inspection of Boulder Dam and for entertainment on the famous "Strip," they arrive in Palm Springs Wednesday.

40 Years Ago

Smyrna: Sept. 1, 1966: Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gillespie entertained the faculty of King Springs Elementary School Tuesday evening with a buffet supper. The faculty and families enjoyed the outdoor party given at the Gillespie home on Camp Highland Road. The faculty attending the party were: Misses Eleanor Arwood, Harriette Hilliard, Ann Hall, Linda Neighbors, Faye Buffaloe, Judy Gray, Ann Rogers; Mesdames Mary Hoven, Dixie Plant, Carol Emery, Elizabeth Nichols, Jeanine Newsome, Leola Grice, Uldine Snelling, Betty Miller, Mignon Ridings, M. C. Ellis and Lee Wright.

Mrs. Grace Worley Mitchell, 60, of 483 Bank Street, Smyrna, died Thursday morning in an Atlanta hospital. Funeral services will be at 3

Smyrna: Sept. 1, 1966 Continued: p.m. Friday in the Smyrna Presbyterian Church, Rev. Nat Heeth will officiate, with burial at Georgia Memorial Park. Survivors include her husband, Samuel E. Mithcell; sons S. E. Mitchell, Jr. and Richard P. Mitchell; sisters, Mrs. Charles McMillan and Mrs. Buna Walker, of Smyrna and Mrs. Kenneth Rice, Atlanta.

Smyrna: Oct. 13, 1966: The young mothers of First Methodist Church met in August and formed a new circle, The Mary Jane Haley Circle. The women met at the home of Mrs. J. W. Scarborough on Dunn Street and elected a temporary slate of officers; Mrs. Miller Davis, chairman; Mrs. Clarke Davis, secretary; Mrs. Walter Lee, treasurer; Mrs. Earnest Earwood, telephone chairman. Charter members present in addition to the officers were: Mesdames Jerry Taylor, J. C. Toole, J. L. Anderson, Jimmy Graves, Doyle Lindsay, James Lovvern, Jr.

Mrs. Henry Konigsmark, Jr. entertained her bridge club on Thursday at her home on Atlanta Terrace. Players included: Mesdames Norwood Coker, J. M. Collins, Arthur Bacon, Ray Fulton, Raymond Reed, Ray Nix Robert Bacon, James Pressley, A. B. Morton, Max Parnell and James Spradley.

Smyrna: Oct. 22, 1966: Miss Diane Holleman, freshman at Valdosta State College, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Holleman at their home on Love Street.

Smyrna: Oct. 27, 1966: Smyrna City Council Monday night agreed to renumber all residences in the city to coincide with numbers given each land lot in Cobb by the County Engineering Office. The council also agreed to allow construction of the "Mr. Steak: Restaurant on Cherokee Road at Burbank Circle with a 25 foot setback, providing there will be no parking on the Cherokee Road side of the building. Council also agreed to purchase four trucks for use by the Street and Sanitation Department.

Tony Gilbreath was honored on his ninth birthday with a wiener roast at Cobb Park by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gilbreath. Those helping Tony celebrate were: Dan Mayfield, Phil Brunson, Kevin Chaffin, Steve White, Jimmy Durer, Alan Chaffin, Kevin Hart, Dawn and Dan Gilbreath.

30 Years Ago

Smyrna: Sept. 2, 1976: Chief Everett Little of the Smyrna Police Department was congratulated by Mayor Arthur Bacon as the 100th city employee to complete the National Driving Course.

One of the smallest turnout of Cobb voters ever------some 21 percent went to the polls Tuesday to decide six Democratic runoff races. The majority of Smyrna voters chose the winning candidates, Bill Hutson, Charles Ruff and George Bentley. There are 10 voting precincts in Smyrna.

Andy Proctor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Proctor of Smyrna, recently captured ninth place in wrestling competition at the AAU Junior Olympics. Proctor a senior at Campbell High School, was wrestling in the 143 pound division.

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Voyles of Smyrna announce the birth of a son, Jody Lee on Aug. 2. The mother is the former Nancy Spencer.

Seventeen members of Smyrna Optimist Club spent last week at Jekyll Island at the District Convention. Those attending were: David Brown, Roy Brownlee, Milton Brumbelow, Joe Chambers, Alton Curtis, Tom Eubanks, Jerry Guest, Bill Harrison, Gov. Rodney Hogue, Lt. Gov. Jim Pitts, Allen Potter, Dan Scoggins, Norman Tackett and George Williams.

Smyrna: Sept. 9, 1976: Alonza L. Robinson, 84, of Spring Street, Smyrna, died September 5th. Services were held at First Baptist Church chapel with Rev. Marvin Frady and Howard

Smyrna: Sept. 9, 1976 Continued: McDowell officiating with burial in New Smyrna Cemetery. Survivors include sister, Mrs. Joe McDowell, brothers, Tommy, N. C. and W. O. Robinson.

Six Smyrna coeds-------Mary Umland, Marilyn Miller, Dara Oliver, Stephanie Coggins, Kim Chastain and Gloria Jean Lee, will compete in the 1977 Miss Cobb County Pageant September 25th, at Marietta School Auditorium.

Smyrna: Sept. 16, 1976: Mrs. Janet Rutledge Blalock, daughter of Mrs. Jennette Rutledge of Smyrna, earned academic honors at LaGrange College for summer quarter.

King Springs School Executive committee held a get acquainted luncheon for all teachers on the 1976-77 school staff. Honored guests were: Sam Whitfield, County School Board; Caroline Warner, Language Arts Supervisor of Cobb County; Vonnie Gilstrap, 14th District Director; Virginia Ponder, Pres. Of Jessye Coleman Council; Ken Nix, State Rep. and wife Charlene; Phil Brockwell, Director of Elementary Education of Cobb County; and principal Gerald Gillespie.

Auditions for the Smyrna Community Theatre's first production of the fall theatre season will be held Sept. 19th and 20th at Cobb Civic Center Cultural Arts Theatre. Director Ruth Watkins says there are 20 speaking rolls and a chorus of about 10 in Cole Porter's musical "Anything Goes." The production will be Nov. 18-19-20 at the Civic Center.

Smyrna: Sept. 23, 1976: David Granade, formerly assistant director with Smyrna Parks and Recreation Department, was appointed as City inspector at council Monday. His appointment will replace the part time positions held by W. L. Westbrook and Luke Boring.

Smyrna: Sept. 30, 1976:Teresa Kay Weaver of Marietta, became the 1977 Miss Cobb County, Saturday night, Sept. 25th. First runner-up honors went to Mary Lynn Umland of Smyrna. Contestants chose Stephanie Coggins, also of Smyrna as Miss Congeniality.

Smyrna: Oct. 7, 1976: David Wingo, 23 year old musician songwriter from Smyrna, will give his first concert performance in Atlanta at Symphony Hall on Friday night, Oct. 8th.

Smyrna: Oct. 28, 1976: Earle Cochran won over two opponents and was elected a member of the Civil Service Board, he will join Frank Johnson and Roy Free, who are still serving their six year terms.

On Oct. 23rd, the Wills High School Band, under the direction of Barry Morgan, won several awards in the Third Annual Peach State Marching Festival in Rome.

20 Years Ago

Smyrna: Sept. 4, 1986: Cobb Commission Chairman Earl Smith and Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon are once again at odds with each other over the annexation and several variance requests that the Smyrna City Council granted at the Aug. 18th meeting to a company who wanted to develop two connected office buildings near Cumberland Mall.

People who have tuned into Smyrna Cable TV from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. each weekday have noticed an unusual show with an unusual host------"The Riddle Man," better known as former Smyrna Mayor J.M. "Hoot" Gibson.

Campbell High coach John Allison, who is entering his seventh season at the Campbell helm, says pride and confidence have been the major factors in keeping the Panthers among the top programs in Cobb County.

Smyrna: Sept. 11, 1986: The Smyrna Parks and Recreation Department is preparing for its annual Autumn Jonquil Festival to be held Sept.

Smyrna: Sept. 11, 1986 Continued: 20 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Bank St. in front of City Hall and Police Department.

Smyrna: Sept. 18, 1986: The Smyrna City Council Monday night annexed 20.5 acres on Ridge Road near Ridgeview Institute and then rezoned the property to allow a higher density for a single family residential development despite the protests of about 20 homeowners.

Smyrna: Sept. 25, 1986: J. D. Ruffner was promoted to Captain and appointed the new fire marshal for Smyrna Fire Department Sept. 3rd.

The Kiwanis Club of Smyrna Golden K, sponsored by the Smyrna Kiwanis Club, was presented it's official charter last Tuesday night. A.J. Ledbetter is club president, Frank Fogle, secretary/treasurer, Emory C. Parrish, first vice president and James T. Spradley second vice president. There are 27 members and they meet each Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.

Robert Ash, principal of Campbell High School, received an Excellence Recognition Award for excellence in leadership at the Georgia Board of Education September meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Scoggins of Smyrna announce the Aug. 16th marriage of their daughter, Diane Marie, to Ronald Mark Drake, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Drake of Douglasville.

Smyrna: Oct. 2, 1986: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brissey of Smyrna announce the June 29th marriage of their daughter, Jill Leigh, to Steven Brian Bruce, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Bruce of Marietta.

Smyrna: Oct. 9, 1986: Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon will celebrate his 38th birthday Friday.

Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon has proclaimed November as Smyrna Public Library Month to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the library which is the oldest independent library in the state. Doris Morris, director, said she and the staff appreciate the recognition the city is giving the library. Kathy Hatcher, chairman along with committee members Marsha Bacon, Jane Ragan, and Janice Pitts are working on plans for an open house with the theme "Honor our Heritage; Celebrate our Future."

Smyrna: Oct. 23, 1986: The Smyrna City Council Monday approved 5-2 a request to rezone 4 acres on South Cobb Drive at Concord from multi family housing to general commercial to allow a 115,000 square foot shopping center to be built on the site.

The council also accepted the low bid of $147,000 from Advanced Builders, Inc. to renovate the old city hall annex on Bank Street into a new courtroom facility.

Smyrna: Oct. 30, 1986: Voters in Smyrna will go to the polls next Tuesday, Nov. 4th. Ballots will be cast for governor, congressman, state legislators, county commissioners and school board members.

The Smyrna City Council decided last Monday night to move ahead with plans for lighting South Cobb Drive from Pat Mell Road to Ridge Road. The council has been working with the Smyrna Business Association on the project which will cost $174,198.30.



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