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Visiting the Past  

Visiting The Past
July & August 2006

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Visiting The Past is researched from the 1880s forward by Norma McHann. The information below is from the the Smyrna Herald, Smyrna Neighbor, Cobb County Times, Cobb Chronicle and Marietta Daily Journal.

120 Years Ago

Smyrna: July 1, 1886: The picnic here last Thursday was largely attended and a magnificent dinner was spread for the guests. Addresses were delivered by Col. J. G. Gray, of Atlanta, in behalf of the Masonic order; by Gen. William Phillips for the Sunday Schools, and by Hon. Will J. Winn for the Odd Fellows. The speeches were fine and highly enjoyed.

Smyrna: July 8, 1886: Our village is still improving. Two new residences now nearing completion----that of Mr. M. L. Ruff and Mr. John Bishop.

The Presbyterians are making preparations to overhaul and remodel their church as soon as the weather will admit.

Speaking of wet weather, General Green seems to have full sway down this way, almost entirely unmolested. There is more green in the crops than I ever saw before the first of July, but it is all right I reckon. We will get through with it some time.

Miss Lilla Loveless, one of Smyrna's charming young ladies, had a birth day dining with a few of her friends on the 4th instant. Quite an enjoyable occasion. May she live long and enjoy many returns of the same is the wish of a friend.

Smyrna: July 15, 1886: Four pretty babies all in a row; Maj. Nelms', Mr. Bickers', Mr. Dempsey's and Capt. Terrell's.

Smyrna: July, 22, 1886: Many of the friends
and neighbors of Rev. A. G. Dempsey believe that Cobb county would find in him an earnest and faithful worker if elected by their suffrages
to represent them in the Legislature of the State.

Smyrna: July 29, 1886: Rev. Mr. Hawkins preached an effective and profitable sermon in the Baptist Church Sunday morning, to the edification of all present. Heaven bless and help all such efforts to elevate and save mankind.

Capt. Terrell has bought a new piano; Smyrna is to have a singing class; Capt. Broyles is going to build a new house; Capt. Mable will soon "improve," many are seeking homes in and about our village; land is rising in value; all seem hopeful, and many believe they have found "as good a place as earth affords."

Rev. W. D. Shea's sermon upon the occasion of Mrs. Dunn's funeral was very touching to the large sympathizing audience gathered in the Methodist Church. Not many were the dry eyes in that throng of human beings, as they looked upon the weeping form of the heart broken husband, and the bereaved children.

Smyrna: Aug. 12, 1886: Mr. Bishop has moved into his pretty new house and has pretty living ornaments in it to bless and cheer him.

Mr. Medlin has the finest peaches in this section all seedlings. He is one of the renters who takes a good interest in the place he occupies. Result: Remains there year after year.

We are pleased to see that the people are beginning to avail themselves of the abundant crop of elderberries. In many sections of the country this berry is very highly appreciated and much used for making wines and jelly.

110 Years Ago

Smyrna: July 2, 1896: Mr. Newt Dempsey, who has been quite sick for the past five weeks, is reported to be up and about but very feeble. Glad to know that you are improving brother.

Capt. Z. T. Terrell, candidate for Tax Receiver, was unable to meet many of his engagements last week by reason of sickness.

Born unto Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Eaton last Friday morning, a fine 11 pound daughter. Mr. Eaton is receiving the congratulations of his many friends. Mother and child are doing nicely at this writing.

Smyrna has a new street choir. Last Saturday night they regaled the village with many pretty songs and hymns. Some of them have good voices and sing real well.

Olive Springs: July 2, 1896: Next Tuesday, is the day for the correspondents to meet at the Journal office and arrange for a picnic.

The Clippers had their first game of ball last Saturday evening for this season and have prepared to have their next game with the Antioch team next Saturday evening.

Oakdale: July 2, 1896: Misses Norah Buckner and Lottie Turner, two of Oakdale's fairest young ladies visited Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Hooper, of Atlanta, last week.

Mr. Berry Buckner attended the club at Trinity last Saturday night.

Several of our young people attended the Allen-Gann wedding at Mableton the 24th inst.

Nickajack: July 2, 1896: The action of the Georgia State Democratic Convention meets the hearty approval of every old and young democrat in this section. Our gold standard friends can now approach the "anxious seat."

Smyrna: July 9, 1896: Mr. Frank Gibson has the smallest and most aristocratic milk cow in the burg. Frank has to fan the flies off her during the time of milking or they will have none of that article for table use.

Dr. W.T. Pace is receiving the congratulations of his many friends this week----another daughter. The young lady arrived a few evenings ago.

The Smyrna aggregation of ball tossers crossed bats with the Clippers last Saturday---the glorious 4th, and when the dust settled and the howlings of the many innings ceased, the score stood 8 to 11 in favor of the Clippers.

Walter Robinson is the most bashful young man in Cobb county. It is said he will walk two miles out of the way to avoid meeting a young lady in the road. He had never been known to address one in his life---Sorry for you, Walter.

Robbers got in their work at Mr. Polly Baswell's house Sunday night, taking his shoes, also Harry Robinson's watch, shoes and $3.50 in money, besides taking the hats of both parties. No clue to robbers.

Olive Springs: July 9, 1896: Well, of course, we are glad to say that the Sunday School day, last Saturday, was a grand success. By 10 o'clock not less than four hundred people, from all sections of the county had gathered to listen to the exercises of a well arranged program.

The Clippers beat the Smyrna boys in a game of base ball Saturday. The game was 13 to 7 in favor of our boys. Mr. Sloan Walraven, of Atlanta, one among the first members, was here to help the boys. Sloan is a clever fellow and hasn't yet forgotten the victories the Clippers gained many years ago.

Ninety-one dollars was subscribed to complete our church last Sunday in about fifteen minutes. This is a move in the right direction, so "let her go" till it is finished.

Nickajack: July 9, 1896: Mrs. W. H. Nash, of Marietta, Miss Eva Malone, a very amiable young lady of Villa Rica, and Masters Elliot Earnshaw and Joe Pritchett, of Atlanta, were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ruff on the "Immortal Fourth."

July 9, 1896: Miss Ada Brewer opened the second term of her school at Concord on the 6th inst.

Olive Springs: July 23, 1896: Let every body remember that on Thursday, July 30th, the people of our entire neighborhood and all who wish to engage with them, will meet and clear off the cemetery at Maloney Springs.

Smyrna: July 23, 1896: Remember Saturday is election day, and you are requested to cast your ballot for your choice of the many candidates in the field.

Last Saturday morning at 2:40 a.m., the immortal spirit of our friend and neighbor, Mr. T. K. Hamby, winged its flight to that undiscovered country from whose shores no traveler ever returns. He was 52 years old. His remains were laid to rest in Smyrna cemetery Sunday afternoon. Elder H. G. Mitchell officiated. He leaves a mother, wife and 10 children, seven sons and three daughters.

Oakdale: July 23, 1896: Miss Beckie Landers, of Atlanta, who has been visiting her cousins, Misses Emmie and Ollie English, has returned home.

There was a delightful barbecue near this place on the 16th, given by Mr. Harland English, one of Atlanta's most popular firemen of No. 3.

Smyrna: Aug. 6. 1896: Miss Jessie Moore is home again after two weeks delightful camping with a party of friends, on the banks of the Toccoa river, near Gaddistown.

Saturday night about 11:10, the residence of Mrs. B. F. McAfee was discovered to be on fire and was destroyed with all its contents. The occupants lost everything except the clothes they stood in. The fire is supposed to have been caused by chemical combustion of drugs stored in a closet in the house by Dr. Alexander.

Saturday afternoon a number of young men, calling themselves the Clippers, crossed bats with Smyrna B.B. teams. After one and twenty-five minutes of all sorts of howling and whooping, these ;young men found themselves "clipped" to the tune of 11 to 26. Smyrna having the best of the game, the features of which was the pitching of Wilson, who retired 18 of the visitors during the struggle.

Oakdale: Aug. 6, 1896: One of our most prominent young men will soon take unto himself a bride.

Mr. Cicero Heron, of Gilmore, visited relatives in our village last Sunday.

Smyrna: Aug 20, 1896: Last Tuesday evening our young people were tendered a sociable by Mr. and Mrs. Reed. Miss Alma and Coral Reed were the immediate hostesses and in an excellent manner entertained all who attended. The program consisted of games, recitations and instrumental music. The pleasant affair was highly enjoyed by all.

Maybelle, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Reagan, died in Atlanta Friday and was buried in Smyrna Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. S. R. Dull and Miss Nettie Stanley, of Atlanta, are visiting Prof. and Mrs. Mizzell this week.

It is rumored we are to have a new general store in Smyrna before many moons roll by.

Col. W. R. Power will give an address here at the academy next Friday night on the subject of education. All are cordially invited to attend, especially the ladies.

Olive Springs: Aug. 20, 1896: The little child of Mr. Bud Griggs died and was buried at Maloney Springs last Friday, also the little girl of J.M. York was interred at the same grave yard Sunday afternoon.

Aug. 20, 1896 The Sunday School at Douglas Academy was reorganized Sunday afternoon with J. A. Templeton, Superintendent, and Charley Ireland, Assistant Superintendent. We wish for this Sabbath School success with its new set of officers.

Oakdale: Aug. 20, 1896: Miss Dora Pope, a beautiful and accomplished young lady of Lizzie, has returned home after a delightful visit to her cousin, Miss Norah Buckner. One of young men regrets seeing her leave as he was wearing the smile of love.

There will be an all day singing at Collins Spring the fifth Sunday in this month.

Olive Springs: Aug. 27, 1896: Dry, dusty and disastrous to crops. No rain and cotton is cut off at least 50 per cent.

The literary society met at Mr. V.V.Horn's last Saturday night as was arranged. The exercises were splendid. After a song and prayer, three very appropriate pieces were read by Mr. Warford Brown, and Misses Jessie Braswell and Virtie Horn, after which we had a beautiful recitation by Miss Ida Moore.

100 Years Ago

Smyrna: July 12, 1906: Mr. Turner Gann has returned home from Texas, where, after many years, he has succeeded in lassoing one of the fairest daughters of that State, and brought her with him to graze in the inviting pastures of Georgia.

The many friend of Mrs. Albert Dempsey, who has been extremely ill for several weeks past, will be pleased to learn that she is now on the road to recovery.

Mr. John T. Pace and Mr. Henry Gantschy left Saturday for Hot Springs and Oklahoma. Mr. Pace went for health, Mr. Gantschy on a prospecting tour.

The blackberry crop appears to be plentiful, and many of our people have built up quite a paying business with them, besides getting all they want to eat.

Vinings: July 12, 1906: A new Baptist church has been organized here, with Rev. G. W. Poor as pastor and Bro. Brown of Olive Springs conducting the music. The services will be held on the pavilion on Tuesday night.

Olive Springs: July 19, 1906: Olive Springs, Rice Chapel and Due West literary societies will picnic at Joyner's three miles south of Marietta, on Saturday, 28th of this month. Senator A.S. Clay and Willie D. Upshaw will deliver addresses.

Smyrna: July 19, 1906: Mr. Will S. Cox built a dam across a stream running through his pasture, with a view to having a fish pond. The dam was completed Wednesday and on Thursday the waters gathered and deepened, a fine pond was forming. The boys began to wade and swim and a boat was built for the pond. Friday and Saturday night the rain came, it was more than the dam could stand, and before morning broke, that dam gave way and the pent up waters made its way to the Chattahoochee, carrying things before it.

Smyrna: July 26, 1906: The Electric Car Company bought the old W & A depot, and is now moving it up the hill to a point opposite Whitfield & Fuller's store, where they will convert it into a freight and passenger depot.

Mrs. Charlie Love tendered the young folks a Phantom party last Friday night. They were all there, phantoms all sizes, styles and shapes. About ten o'clock the party unmasked, and enjoyed most delightful refreshments.

Mr. Norris Pace has just completed the addition of a large veranda around his residence, which is a big improvement, and adds much to the comfort and attractiveness of his home.

July 26, 1906: Mr. J. H. Cantrell, John F. Petty, John Reed, T.W. Gray and H. H. Sludder were elected delegates to the Cobb county Masonic convention from Nelms Lodge, No. 323, of this place.

Smyrna: Aug. 9, 1906: The school rally last Thursday night resulted in raising $150 for increasing the capacity of the school, and making it a higher grade-----a grammar school.

Mrs. John Matthews tendered the young people a dance last Wednesday night, in honor of Misses Bertha and Irma Lewis, her guest.

Smyrna: Aug. 16, 1906: Mr. H. J. Dunton had his nose broken and right shoulder severely strained last Friday. While endeavoring to stop a frightened horse hitched to a buggy, both horse and vehicle ran over him.

Misses Alma and Coral Reed, Mr. Henry Konigsmark and Mr. Seab Love spent Sunday at Tallulah Falls, taking in the points of interest in that vicinity.

Dr. Bell, Mrs. Hargrove and Mrs. Butler are erecting cottages out on Roswell street, and will soon be residents of our town.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joab Dunton, a fine boy.

Smyrna: Aug. 23, 1906: Smyrna is to have an addition to its school. Dr. W. T. Pace, T. L. Hamby and John Rutledge compose the building committee.

Mr. H. J. Dunton died last Wednesday from the effects of injuries received while endeavoring to stop a frightened horse running away. He leaves a wife, several sons to mourn his untimely end. His remains were interred in the Marietta cemetery.

The Electric Car Co. have about completed the depot. They have put in a side track for freight .

90 Years Ago

Olive Springs: July 14, 1916: Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Crow are receiving the congratulations of their many friends upon the birth of a fine son at their home on Wednesday, July 5th. This makes the seventh son in this home.

The Egyptians have pitched their tents at Fair Oaks, where they will be for several days yet.

A large crowd from Olive Springs attended the singing at the court in Marietta on the Fourth.

Olive Springs: July 21, 1916: Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Allen announce the birth of a son.

School opened up here on last Monday with Prof. B.F. Whitney, Misses Lillian Bryant and Gladys Hicks as teachers.

Smyrna: July 21, 1916: Mrs. P.M. Rice and Mary Ruff spent last Sunday in Macon with their sons, who are in the Fifth Regiment.

Mrs. W. M. Fambrough has as her guest at Belmont Farms, the Misses Cora and Alice Topsy, of Louisville, Ky., Miss Marion Neblett, of Clarkesville, Tenn. And Miss Buna Clarke of Quitman.

80 Years Ago

Smyrna: July 8, 1926: One of the most enjoyable events of the past week was the anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Petty and also the birthday of Mr. Petty which was celebrated on June 25th, at their home in Smyrna. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Light, Mr. J. Hardage and Mrs. T. E. Legg.

Log Cabin: July 15, 1926: Miss Ruth Valentine has returned home after spending three weeks with Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hill of Atlanta.

July 15, 1926: Log Cabin Junior League attended the annual Union picnic at Oakland City last Wednesday. Ruth Valentine and Neville Everett won most points for the running contest.

Smyrna: July 15, 1926: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Herren and family have moved to our community. We welcome them.

Miss Eula Herren is on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Ruben Sweat, of Gilmore.

Oakdale: July 29, 1926: Mrs. J. W. Carmichael, a widely known resident of Cobb County, passed away Tuesday, July 20th, at her home on the Atlanta Road,. She is survived by her husband, sisters, Mrs. D. H. Ham and Miss Leila Sadler and brothers, A. C. Sadler and J. H. Sadler. Services were held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Smyrna Methodist church, Rev. Light, assisted by Rev . Sanders, officiating. Interment Smyrna Cemetery.

Smyrna: Aug. 12, 1926: Smyrna schools will open September 6th with between three and four hundred pupils expected to be attending. The following teachers have been announced: J. T. Lowe, superintendent and teacher for 9th and 10th grades; Miss Colene Reed, principal and teacher of 8th grade; Miss Maud Baldwin, 7th grade; Miss Judith Rice, 5th grade; Mrs. C.I. Holcombe, 4th grade; Miss Annie Mae Brown, 3rd grade; Mrs. C. L. Ivey, 2nd grade; Miss Lucile Cochran 1st grade.

Log Cabin: Aug. 12, 1926: Mrs. J. D. Simmons entertained Tuesday, August 10th, at a party in honor of Melville Brown's ninth birthday. Those invited were Gladys Brown, Peggy Carmichael, Junior Thompson, Lillian Thompson, James Hunt, Lucy Caldwell, Catherine Reaves, Elizabeth Hicks, Travis McAdams, Sarah Hall, Grady Valentine, Walter Roy, Harlan Webb, Robert Logan, Elsie Smith, Alfred Stanley, Jr., Adeline Pressley, Wallace Pressley and Melville Brown.

Log Cabin: Aug. 19, 1926: The Junior and Senior Epworth Leagues have given a handsome Bible to the Cabin.

Mr. Brownie Logan, Mr. Billy Logan and Robert Logan have left for a fishing trip in South Georgia.

70 Years Ago

Smyrna: July 2, 1936: A marriage of social interest in Smyrna and through out Cobb County and the State, was that of Miss Elizabeth Davis and Henry Konigsmark, which was solemnized Sunday at 12:45 o'clock at the Peachtree Christian Church , Atlanta, by J.D. Richards, president of Columbia Seminary, read the vows. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Davis and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Konigsmark, Sr.

Smyrna: July 9, 1936: Atlanta Y.W.C.A. Camp Highland near Smyrna announces that girls from 9 to 18 years of age who wish to enjoy sports, discussion, hobby groups and fun until July 31 and older girls and business women who wish to spend vacations at the camp from August 1 to 17, are invited to make application.

Smyrna: July 16, 1936: The friends of Miss Martha Land and Claude Groce will be interested to learn of their marriage on Sunday, July 5th.

Miss Mary Brawner is spending two weeks at Camp Highland.

Misses Mary Lou Norton and Elizabeth Bacon attended the G.A. house party at Bessie Tift college, Forsyth, this week.

Misses Anita and Norma Groce honored Miss Frances Land with a surprise birthday party Friday evening.

Smyrna: July 23, 1936: An announcement of interest to Smyrnans and Cobb countians is that of the marriage of Miss Marie Lorraine McClure, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.H. McClure, of Atlanta, formerly of Smyrna, to Frank D. Crawford, of Atlanta on July 12.

Oakdale: July 23, 1936: The Oakdale Garden Club was entertained July 2 at the home of Mrs. John Cahoon. After the business meeting tea was served and a flower show was held. Mrs. J. L. Newman, membership chairman, reported seven new members: Mrs. E. S. Clark, Mrs. T.L. Daniell, Mrs. C.M. Dempsey, Mrs. J. M. Fagan, Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. Albert Sentell, and Mrs. Herman Maner.

Smyrna: July 30, 1936: Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Brawner and children have returned home after a two week stay at Sea Island Beach.

Mrs. P.M. Rice had as her guest recently Mrs. B.Z. Ruff and children, of Spartanburg, S.C.

Mrs. Mazie Nelson honored the Senior Maccabees with a picnic at Austell Friday afternoon. Mrs. Adams of Locust Grove assisted in chaperoning the party.

Smyrna: Aug. 13, 1936: A marriage of social interest to friends in Smyrna and Cobb county is that of Miss Sara Crowder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.Y. Crowder of Smyrna to Joe D. McCurry, the ceremony being solemnized Saturday evening August 8th.

Olive Springs: August 13, 1936: The Junior and Intermediate G.A.'s of Smyrna Baptist Church with Mrs. Homer Bell as leader presented an interesting program Friday at the Olive Springs Baptist Church. Grace Taylor, Billie Frances Thomas and Callie Mae Huddleston were named the nominating committee to choose officers for the year. Mrs. Glenn Brown, Smyrna district secretary, assisted in the organization details.

Smyrna: Aug. 20, 1936: The cordial interest of a host of friends is centered in the announcement of the marriage of Miss Lula Betty Crowe to Laymon H. Owens, of Smyrna, which was solemnized October 26, at the home of E. C. Smith in Marietta. The only attendants were the
bride's brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wood.

Mrs. Mildred Otwell, of Smyrna and Roswell, and T.Y. (Doc) Westbrook, of Austell, were married Wednesday August 12 at the home of Mrs. Otwell in Smyrna.

Smyrna: Aug. 27, 1936: Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Dunn, of Smyrna, recently observed their golden wedding anniversary. They are both sixty-nine years old, have been members of the Baptist church for fifty-two years, and are still church workers. Mr. Dunn has been a Baptist deacon since 1905. Their children are Mrs. Hugh L. Marston and James F. Dunn, both of Smyrna. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn were married August 15, 1886.

60 Years Ago

Smyrna: July 3, 1946: The funeral of Henry L. Jones, of Smyrna, was held Saturday in Atlanta, the Rev. E. B. Awtrey officiating. Burial was in Westview. He is survived by his wife, Lucy Pritchett Jones; son, T. Paul Jones, daughter, Mrs. W. C. Mitchell and sister Mrs. M. Williams, of Dade City.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hensley and Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Lewis entertained at a steak supper Saturday night, honoring their two sons, M. J. Hensley and Ralph Lewis, recently discharged from the service. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. George Montgomery, of Marietta, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bacon, Mr. and Mrs. Max Parnell, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Collins, of Atlanta, Mr. and Mrs. Olan Jones, Sam Lindley, Jimmy Quarles and Henry Westbrook; Misses Ruth Collins, Dorothy McMillan, Sarah Hensley, Greta Hensley, Emigene Lewis, and Charles McMillan.

Two members of the Smyrna school board will be elected Saturday, according to Jake W. Nash, chairman. The terms of M. L. Ruff and Nash expires this year. Both are eligible for re-election. Anyone desiring to run may submit his name to Chairman Nash and it will be placed on the ballot.

Oakdale: July 3, 1946: Cpl. Bessie Ruth Jordan, Marine, has returned to Washington, D. C., after spending two weeks with her family.

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Maner and Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Dempsey have returned from a vacation in Florida.

Smyrna: July 18, 1946: Lee Ester Jordan of Rte. 1, Smyrna, has enlisted for three years with the Army Medical Corps.

Earl Brown and S 2/C Lewis A. Brown of Smyrna were discharged from the Navy July 1 at the Naval Separation center at Jacksonville.

Major Henry Konigsmark, Jr. has been awarded the Army Commendation Ribbon for service as executive officer at Camp Mackall, N. C., Headquarters Seventh Army has announced.

Smyrna: July 18, 1946: Sgt. And Mrs. W. Conn Barnett, of Smyrna, announce the birth of a daughter, Connie Jo, on July 3. Mrs. Barnett is the former Evelyn Godfrey.

Miss Harriett Brawner entertained today at a luncheon at her home on Atlanta Road. Attending were Misses June Elder, Joe Marler, Eloise Fowler, Sally Bishop, Mary Myers, Anne Weyman, Helen Ledsinger, Miriam Goodwin, Yvonne Worley, Anne Willingham, Alice Davenport, Sally Hester, Jane Smith, Leta and Jane Webb, June Antley, Jeanne Brown, Louise McNeel, Dolly Goodman, Barbara Ingram, Barbara Blair, Annie Laurie Thomas, Caroline Little, Jane Morrill and guest, Jamie Parker of Columbia, S.C., and Joan Wooten, of Miami.

Oakdale: July 18, 1946: Funeral services for Ernest E. Owens, 40, of Fitzhugh Lee community, who died Monday from injuries received when struck by a car Sunday, were held Tuesday afternoon. Burial was in the Smyrna cemetery. He is survived by wife, the former Jessie Haney; sons, Jimmie and Larry; parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Owens; sisters, Mrs. R.L. Holtzclaw, and Mrs. J. V. Ferrell; brothers R. C., L. W., E. L. and C.H.

The Herren team, winner in the membership contest conducted by the Lemons district civic club, will be guests of the Dunn side, loser, at a watermelon cutting on August 12. Team captains were Fred Herren and H. E. Dunn.

Smyrna: July 25, 1946: The Bank of Smyrna, with every stockholder a Cobb countian, announces its date of opening as August 5th.

Funeral services for Aaron Rufus Collins, 77, were held Thursday afternoon at the Smyrna First Baptist Church with Rev. E. B. Awtrey and Rev. Charles Drake officiating.

Mr. and Mrs. Olin J. Cantrell announce the birth of a son, Kenneth Edwards, on June 30th. The maternal grandparents are the late Mr. and Mrs. Sargent and the paternal, Mr. and Mrs. Duff Cantrell of Smyrna.

Log Cabin: Aug. 1, 1946: Alvin Maloney has taken a position in Atlanta. He was a member of the '46 graduation class of Fitzhugh Lee.

Veterans Lee and Lamar Maloney are attending school in Atlanta, taking advantage of special courses.

Mrs. A.Y. Crowder of Smyrna to Joe D. McCurry, the ceremony being solemnized Saturday evening August 8th.

Two members of the Smyrna school board will be elected Saturday, according to Jake W. Nash, chairman. The terms of M. L. Ruff and Nash expires this year. Both are eligible for re-election. Anyone desiring to run may submit his name to Chairman Nash and it will be placed on the ballot.

Log Cabin: Aug. 1, 1946: Alvin Maloney has taken a position in Atlanta. He was a member of the '46 graduation class of Fitzhugh Lee.

Veterans Lee and Lamar Maloney are attending school in Atlanta, taking advantage of special courses.

Smyrna: Aug. 1, 1946: Jasper P. Griffin, of Atlanta, World War II veteran, has been named principal of Smyrna high school for the 1946-47 term, the school board secretary has announced.

Smyrna: Aug. 15, 1946: Mr. and Mrs. James E. Quarles, of Smyrna, announce the birth of a son, James Eugene, Jr. on Wednesday July 31st.

Smyrna: Aug. 22, 1946: Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Maner, of Smyrna, announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Betty Maner, to Daniell A. Loon, of Los Angeles, Calif. The wedding will take place at the Locust Grove Baptist Church August 24th, at 8 p.m.

Funeral services for Mrs. Nettie Bell Adams Dunn, 55, of Smyrna, were held Wednesday at Spring Street Baptist Church with Rev. George Moon and Rev. Cleve Goss officiating. Burial was in New Smyrna cemetery. Surviving are husband, James F. Dunn; daughters, Mrs. Cleve Goss, Mrs. Carl Mohon, Mrs. F. C. Kuykendall, and Miss Lula Bell Dunn and son J. D. Dunn. Also, by her mother Mrs. John A. Adams; sisters Mrs. Cliff Black; Mrs. Edith deJarnette; Mrs. Walter Wilson; Mrs. Pearl Gillham; Mrs. C. A. Smith and a son-in-law, Grady Crane.

The Jonquil Café has changed operators for the third time in the last few months, according to Leonard Branscome, owner of the café and the Jonquil theater building housing the café. The new operator is James J. Swartz, veteran, who plans extensive inside remodeling, including the installation of a soda fountain, and who will cater to short order trade, serving steaks and other specialties.

Oakdale: Aug. 22, 1946: Mr. and Mrs. Sloan Addison and daughters, Peggy Jo and Anna Katharine, and Carolyn Daniell spent several days last week vacationing in Panama City, Fla.

Smyrna: Aug. 29, 1946: Bobby McDaniell, of Smyrna, became an Eagle Scout at the Court of Honor held in Smyrna Monday night. McDaniell, son of Mrs. Estelle McDaniel Pennington, is the first Smyrna scout this year to receive the Eagle award, which was presented by Brooks Lowry.

Miss Mary Russell Green, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. G. C. Green, of Smyrna, became the bride of William Franklin Carter, son of Mills T. Carter, of Winsted, Conn, in a double ring ceremony Sunday evening at the First Baptist Church in Smyrna.

50 Years Ago

Smyrna: July 5, 1956: A large new supply main scheduled for Smyrna as a part of the new two-million dollar water expansion for Marietta-Cobb County, is expected to relieve the city's water shortage.

Believe it or not, Smyrna police have come up with a new traffic ticket that motorists will enjoy receiving. Smyrna Police Chief Marshall Tanner said hundreds of new "commendation" tickets are being printed for distribution among motorist who perform an act of courtesy as they drive through town.

City Council passed three ordinances for paving, curbing and guttering and hired engineers for construction of Smyrna's new water tank in actions taken Monday night at City Hall.

Mrs. Shelly Davis of Atlanta spoke recently to Young Matron's Service League, meeting at home of Mrs. Travis Sanders, Hurt Road, urging them to spearhead organization of a better health council to serve Smyrna area.

Smyrna: July 12, 1956: Smyrna's new police 1956 car was demolished Monday evening in Atlanta, where it was en route to the scene of a distress call at a downtown hotel. Two persons were injured in the collision. Chief Marshall Tanner had received a call that a Smyrna resident had threatened to jump from the ninth floor of an Atlanta hotel and he was rushing his wife to the scene when the wreck occurred. Several people were injured and after getting help for them they went on to the hotel and rescued the distraught man.

Construction on the new swimming pool at Church Street Park is expected to be finished within the next 10 days.

Miss Shirley Anne Sentell, daughter of Mrs. A.H. Sentell, Sr. became the bride of Lawton O'Dell Parson, son of Mrs. Lawton Parson on June 29 at Fellowship Baptist Church in Smyrna. The ceremony was solemnized by Rev. Carl Wheeler. Music was presented by Mrs. Sadie Sammons, organist and Jack Benny Sentell sang "I Love You Truly" and "The Lord's Prayer" and Don Sentell sang "Walk Hand in Hand." Buddy White was best man and ushers were Frank Smith, Jr. David Collins, Winston Paul and Richard Hammonds. Miss Anna Katherine Addison was maid of honor and Elaine Scott and Beth Scott, nieces of the bride, were junior bridesmaids. The bride was given in marriage by her brother, Rudolph Sentell.

Smyrna: Aug. 2, 1956: Harvey Hester, owner of Aunt Fanny's Cabin, Monday was charged with possession of an illegal amount of tax paid whiskey after Cobb County officers said they found 16 fifths of whiskey, 38 bottles of wine, 13 fifths of champagne and 35 partly filled bottles of liquor in the quaint and famous Cobb County eating place. Patrolman S. C. Hicks, Emmett Burton and Chief Ed Hunter confiscated the whiskey and placed charges against Hester.

Smyrna: Aug. 16, 1956: Smyrna City Council has heard what was described as "the most encouraging financial summertime report on its general fund in many years," as Finance Chairman Murray Sonenberg reported a balance of $13,25154. He said that normally the general fund is depleted around June and "borrows" from other funds through the summer until ad valorem taxes start coming in. Water and Sewerage Construction Fund balance stands at $22,827 and is considerably below expectations. Other fund balances are: Water and Sewerage Extension Fund $10,901.62; Recreation Bonds fund now being used for construction of new parks, $86,985.86; and the building improvement bonds fund is untouched with $73,844.23.

Smyrna: Aug. 23, 1956: A 54 inch rattlesnake was killed by a Smyrna man's automobile Wednesday on Akers Mill Road near Smyrna. Ed Poss was going to work when he hit the rattler. It was eight inches in circumference and had 14 rattles and a button.

Boy Scout Troop 450 of Smyrna, was named "Best Behaved" troop during the eight weeks of camp at Bert Adams Scout Camp this summer.

Mrs. Melvin Holleman and children are visiting her mother, Mrs. Parris Culpepper in Barney.

40 Years Ago

July 7, 1966: Ovens were left at highest temperatures and pine oil poured over them and the floor around in the kitchen of Belmont School when vandals broke into the school July 4th, police reports say.

Smyrna pharmacist Bill Atkins has been named as a member of Cobb County's six man Board of Jury commissioners. He succeeds James Pressley.

Smyrna City Council will meet Monday at 7:30 p.m. to act on a record budget of $688,197.49 for 1966-67. The proposed budget exceeds last year's budget by some $35,000.

Construction of a one story mortuary to be located at 501 Church Street for Sanders- Castellaw Funeral Home, is set to begin around August 1st.

July 14, 1966: Myra Gail Huggins and George Douglas Dillard were married in an 8 o'clock candlelight ceremony at Smyrna First Baptist Church. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Huggins of Smyrna and his parents are Mr. and Mrs. George P. Dillard of Decatur.

July 21, 1966: At least $100,000 in damage was done by a fierce electrical storm which hit Smyrna July 14th, according to police reports.

Restoration is moving ahead on the old street car stop at Belmont Hills.

Mr. and Mrs. Chess Burruss announce the engagement of their daughter, Peggy Mae, to Donald Horace Hulsey, son of Mrs. Clara Hulsey and the late Woodrow Hulsey. The wedding will take place August 20th at Smyrna Second Baptist Church.

July 28, 1966: The Bank of Smyrna has received the amendment of its charter and has raised its capital account from $385,000 to $435,000 and surplus from $365,000 to $515,000.

Smyrna's Hoe and Hope Garden Club is the recipient of a unique honor-----a trail has been cut in the Chattahoochee National Forest especially for their use. The following members took a tour during their visit: Mrs. Davis Holsenbeck, Mrs. Charles Black, Mrs. Don Wells, Mrs. Phillip Wilson, Mrs. Blaine Bryan, Mrs. Allen Boyd, Mrs. Larry Theile, Mrs. Frank Guthrie and Mrs. Dwight Brown.

The Fitzhugh Lee High School Class of 1946 held a reunion party July 16th. Those attending were Dr. Hayward Exley, Lee Neal Barnett, Winn Cahoon, E.Y. Banks, Jr., Earl Myers, Evelyn Black Holder, Ruth Crowder Brinkley, Mildred Bane Waters, Dorothy Blaty Perini, Betty King Abernathy, Betty Green Dunn, Herbert Dunn, Aubrey Wilson Pair and Stanley Pair. Members not attending were: Fred Eberhart, Grady Buckner, Alvin Maloney, Billy Green, Pat Stowe Crawley, Frances Bolling Lawler and Betty Jo Fountain Lee.

Aug. 4, 1966: Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Barrett, of Smyrna, announce the engagement of their daughter, Rachel, to Mr. Harold S. Bachman. The wedding will take place September 3rd.

Mrs. Fred Hilscher entertained for Miss Lynn Brown with a seated luncheon July 30th. Those attending were Carol McManus, Faye Vollrath, Krista Brown, Donna Shulton, Jane Burruss, Diane Jones, Susan Etheridge, Patricia Hilscher, Mrs. Ernest Brown, Mrs. Al Johnson and Susan Stacy.

Aug. 11, 1966: Building permits issued by the City of Smyrna totaled close to $300,000 during July.

Aug. 18, 1966: Smyrna and Cobb voters will take part in the South's broadcast use of electronic voting on primary day, September 14th.

A portion of the $26,530 sum, Smyrna's share of a $97,350 bond issue, will be used to air condition the Teen Canteen on Church Road. Smyrna teens will be very happy to hear this.

Double sessions are not expected at Wills High and Nash Junior High when school begins August 27th, according to Wills principal Bill Bennett and Nash High's principal Don McKay.

30 Years Ago

July 1, 1976: Officer-In-Charge W. D. Honea announced today that the Smyrna Post Office will be opened Sunday July 4th to provide a lasting bicentennial memento of our country's 200th anniversary.

July 1, 1976 Continued) Forster Puffe, of Smyrna, has been named a recipient of Aetna Life and Casualty's 1976 Community Action Award for outstanding community service.

July 8, 1976: Smyrna Presbyterian Church will hold their 149th camp meeting the first week of August at camp near Conyers, Georgia.

July 15, 1976: The July 5th political bicycle race was won by State Rep. Ken Nix.

Mrs. Ruth A. Dickson of Smyrna, wife of a former county commissioner, died Saturday, July 10th, burial was in Crestlawn Memorial Park.

July 29, 1976: Recent Optimist Club speakers were Congressman Larry McDonald and Quincy Collins. The two will face one another in November general election if McDonald wins in the August 10th primary.

Aug. 5, 1976: Nancy Konigsmark Jordan wife of Hamilton Jordan, Jimmy Carter's campaign manager, along with 100 fellow Georgians, flew to other states, canvassing each area before the primaries.

Smyrna Dixie defeated East Marietta 4-2 for District 11 championship. Smyrna used the home run power of Barry Taylor and Tim Glenn was sparkling on the mound.

Plans to break ground in August for a new shopping center which will be located in the intersection formed by South Cobb Drive and King Springs Road. The center will be called King Springs Plaza and major tenants will be Big Star, Eckerd Drugs, Radio Shack and One Hour Martinzing.

Aug. 12, 1976: Patrolman Mary Morrison hired by Capt. John Young, was the first female hired by the Smyrna Police Department. Then on August 5th a second female, Linda Graydon was hired. Reactions by fellow officers varied from pleasant surprise to slight suspicion at first.

The memories remain for longtime Oakdale residents but Papa Glover's store was torn down last week. The property will be used for parking space for Oakdale Thriftown next door on Atlanta Road.

Leman C. Parks has been appointed postmaster of Smyrna effective July 31st.

Aug. 19, 1976: The Smyrna Community Chorus, under the direction of Noel Roberds, will give its first full length musical concert on Saturday night, Aug. 21st, at 8 p.m. The newly organized choral group has a membership of 65. A few of the members are Brenda Shepherd, Tony Chupp and Hubert Andrews.

Dr. Rose Briglevich from Yugoslavia, is the newest doctor at Smyrna Hospital.

The Smyrna Dixie Little League All-Stars recently recorded a third place finish in the state tournament. Manager Grady Chaffin called the squad the "finest All-Star team Smyrna has ever produced."

When being interviewed about changes in Oakdale in the last 60 years, Glenn Brown stated that they had rapid transit years ago and it was faster and safer than driving. He rode the green streetcars along the tracks which parallel Atlanta Road until their shutdown in early 1950's.

Aug. 26, 1976: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Keith of 390 Havilon Way in Smyrna, will celebrate their sixty-first wedding anniversary on Aug. 29th.

20 Years Ago

July 3, 1986: "Gone With The Wind" celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and King Springs Village retirement complex in Smyrna received a videotape of the classic last Monday, making the occasion memorable to the residents there. The tape was donated by Northside Realty.

July 24, 1986: King Springs Village senior citizens complex in Smyrna threw a party July 12th to celebrate the grand opening of its new $500,000 addition to the health care facility.

On June 21st, Boy Scout Troop 61 in Smyrna hosted a 59 year reunion for more than 200 scouts and guests at Bethany United Methodist Church.

Aug. 7, 1986: Smyrna residents will have an opportunity Aug. 12th to go to the polls to decide who will represent Republicans and Democrats in the November General Election.

For the last 21 years Bob Ash has been part of the mortar and brickwork which held together Campbell High School. On July 22nd, the Georgia Assoc. of Education leaders named him its high school principal of the year.

The Smyrna Public Library held its annual Summer Reading program party last Wednesday. Library director Doris Morris awarded certificates to children who read 10 books during the summer.

Aug. 13, 1986: Incumbent state Sen. Jim Tolleson, R-Smyrna, coasted to victory in Tuesday's Republican primary against businessman Walt Hendry.



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