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Visiting the Past  

Visiting The Past
March & April 2006

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Visiting The Past is researched from the 1880s forward by Norma McHann. The information below is from the the Smyrna Herald, Smyrna Neighbor, Cobb County Times, Cobb Chronicle and Marietta Daily Journal.

110 Years Ago

Smyrna: March 5, 1896: I am told that the sighings of a certain young man, since the departure of a charming little lady last week, can only be equaled by the winds among the pines during a thunder storm.

The young ladies of this vicinity were tendered a leap year party at the residence of Mr. T. E. Long last Friday night. The young ladies escorted the gentlemen to the scene of festivities, wrote the invi-tations, and altogether acted the ideal beaux. It was a pleasant occasion, and despite the inclemency of the night, largely attended and highly enjoyed by all present.

When Sam Ireland, Smyrna's genial postmaster, closed his store Saturday night, he thought to glance over the evening paper for a moment---sitting at his desk with the paper before him, a tallow candle beside him furnishing the light, he fell asleep, which was of short duration owing to the paper catching fire from the candle. Everybody in town heard him yell, yet "he says" it never hurt anything but scared him out of a night rest, and ruined a good pair of pants.

Nickajack: March 5, 1896: March came in with a bracing breeze and our farmers move around with a brisk, business like step. Everyone seems set on making a large crop of corn and cotton. Brethren, don't neglect the "bacon and dodger" crop. It will greatly relieve the pangs of five cent cotton.

Mr. Clarence Moss is our local genius. He is a boss sign painter and crayon artist and can improvise a bass viol of dolorous tones out of an empty cracker box.

Mrs. Susan Poss, widow of a Confederate soldier, died near Concord on Sunday last, after three days illness.

Smyrna: March 8, 1896: The sadness which fell upon Marietta in the death of that much beloved man, Mr. B. R. Legg, reached our village. There are physical as well as mental idiosyncrasies: Miss Ann King is made sick if she drinks coffee out of a cup that has had milk in it, though the cup be cleansed with hot water before the coffee is put in it. Apples always make Callie Cannon sick.

A good, industrious German family from Chicago yearn for rye bread, being used to it all their lives. Who keeps rye bread sprinkled with carraway seed here?

Olive Springs: March 12, 1896: Our community has been overshadowed with a gloom of sorrow. On the night of Feb. 28th, Mr. John Hales, aged 44 years, one of our best citizens, passed away. He leaves a wife and several children, two of whom are grown. A still greater shock to our community was the death, only three days later, of his mother, aged about 75 years.

Some of our people don't understand why they should register to get to vote. Some say they did that when they paid their taxes. Others ask, why is not my tax receipt sufficient? Well, we don't know why all this. There are lots and lots of things we don't know, but because we did not know, didn't keep us from registering. We will just say all had better register and try and find out why.

We have the champion singing class of little folks in Cobb county. If you don't believe it come out to Sabbath school next Sunday at 10 o'clock and see.

Smyrna: March 12, 1896: Rev. Mr. Baird, of Acworth, filled his regular appointment at the Presbyterian church Sunday night, preaching a practical sermon to a large congregation.

Remember, regular third Sunday services at the Methodist church next Saturday and Sunday. At the Sunday service the ordinance of the Lord's Supper will be administered. Let everybody attend these services, it will encourage the pastor and ultimately insure success in his work for the Master.

The time for road work is said to be at hand, so get your shovel and picks ready, boys, and make a good job last throughout the year.

Oakdale: March 12, 1896: Mr. Crayton Queen is wearing a very sweet smile--the arrival is a girl.

Mr. Earnest Turner has gone to Americus to accept a position as locomotive fireman on the S.A.M.

Mr. Jim Melton who lives near here became violently insane a few days ago.

Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jackson--a fine girl.

Smyrna: April 9, 1896: Dr. Tatum Pace has just completed a building, designed to be his office, and drug store, which the boys have dubbed as "The pill factory."

Mr. Frank Gibson has sold his odoriferous quadruped, familiarly called "Billy," and silence reigns around his home, and in future he will not have to mount guard every time the week's washing is hung out to dry. However, we shall miss you, "Billy," dear, and especially when the heated term is here.

It is reported that Miss Minnie Fleming will open school in the Mable Academy this week.

Mr. Harvey Fleming bought him a brand new buggy for Easter and last Sunday could be seen flying up and down the road in his new rig with his best girl beside him. It is useless to add that he was happiness personified.

Regular first Sunday service was held at the Methodist Church Sunday by the pastor, Rev. Mr. Brown. The church was tastefully decorated in commemoration of Easter, and the service was very impressive.

Olive Springs: April 9, 1896: The people of the entire neighborhood are requested to meet at Mrs. John Hales' to prepare and plant her corn and cotton crop on next Friday. Let everybody go. All know of her husband and sickness of her son, Pinkney, all of which demands a call upon her neighbors to assist in starting her crop.

A Sabbath School was organized at Douglas Academy Sunday afternoon. The following teachers were elected: Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Templeton, Mr. Charley Ireland and Mr. Thomas Alexander. School will meet every Sunday afternoon.

J. W. Barber has bedded 45 bushels of sweet potatoes. Intends trying a potato instead of a cotton crop.

Smyrna: April 23,1896: Mr. Charlie Dowda has gone to "Batching it" in every sense of the word, and when needed now can be found snugly ensconced in the Crabo residence, where he whiles away the hours shooting flying squirrels.

Cards are out announcing the approaching marriage of Miss Eveline, the handsome and accomplished daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Z.T. Terrell, to Mr. John Franklin Petty, a rising young business man of Atlanta.

Smyrna has a hustling farmer in Mr. Joe Cheney. You can hear his musical voice shouting Gee! Whoa dar! From early dawn till close of day. He is running two plows this year.

Smyrna was treated to a Democratic rally Saturday night, the outcome of which was the organization of the Smyrna Democratic Club, John Reed being elected chairman of the club. They started off with a good long list of names, nearly every man expressing personal interest. They will meet again on the second of May. Ed Medlin, Walter Mizell and Bob Fleming are expected to address the meeting.

Nickajack: April 23, 1896: Mr. and Mrs. James Cash rejoice in the advent of a fine baby girl in the family.

April far spent and not a thunder shower. Where is Aquarius and his watering pot?

Oakdale: April 23, 1896: Miss Norah Buckner, one of Oakdale's most beautiful and accomplished young ladies, visited Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hooper, of Atlanta, last week.

The singing at Liberty Hill last Sunday afternoon was largely attended.

Olive Springs: April 30, 1896: We learn that Mr. Martin recently had a mule bitten by a mad dog, and some time afterwards the mule died from the effect of hydrophobia.

A joint debate between New Hope and Antioch will occure at the Marietta Camp Ground next Saturday night. The subject to be discussed is, Resolved, That under the present ballot system, the right of suffrage should be extended to the women of the United States. The affirmative is represented by Mesars. Gaines, Allgood and Attaway, of Antioch. The negative, by Mesars. Moore, Barber and Wiley. This promises to be a very interesting debate.

Smyrna: April 30, 1896: The social event of the season will be the Terrell-Petty wedding which will have been solemnized and relegated, with other pleasant occasions. The date will be April 29th.

We are pleased to chronicle the fact that Mr. R.O. Campbell has taken up tem-porary residence at his beautiful summer home at "Hoggite," as the porter calls it. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell have many friends in this community who are ever glad to welcome their return after the snow and ice have gone.

100 Years Ago

Smyrna: March 1, 1906: Miss Daisy Cheney and Mr. Elmer Mason were quietly married last Sunday, a week ago. It was intended to keep the matter a secret for awhile, but such events are too good to keep and usually leak out. Congratulations.

Prof. Sylvester and his school gave a delightful entertainment commemorative of "Father of is Country" last Thursday night. It was good and the little folks present and having taken part in the exercises, they will not forget "Washington's Birthday" soon.

Mrs. Edward Ledell Medlin died last Monday morning. She had been sick several weeks and her death was not unexpected and was a sad blow to her family and friends. She is survived by her husband and three children--three boys, one just six weeks old. Her remains were interred in the Smyrna cemetery, Rev. J. H. Patton conduction the funeral.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tally J. Daniel, a fine girl. The little lady made her appearance Sunday morning.

Russell Berry was very seriously injured by the electric car, late Sunday afternoon. As a result of the accident he had his right leg broken and one rib. Dr. Pace rendered necessary medical attention.

Smyrna: March 8, 1906: The new depot for this place is well under way, work on same actually began last Monday.

Mr. Henry Konigsmark, the popular secretary of Belmont farm has been confined to his room for sometime with lagrippe.

A new grocery store opened here with Mr. Croft Legg in charge who will certainly successfully manage it.

The Smyrna Drug Co., in charge of Mr. J. T. Petty, has opened for business.

It is rumored that Mr. Sam Gatlin, our popular station agent, has sent in his resignation. Too much work is the reason assigned.

Smyrna is to have two rural routes about April 1st. Mr. J. J. Baldwin will get one, the other one not known.

Olive Springs: March 8, 1906: The Olive Springs class of 22 visited Smyrna last Friday evening and was royally entertained by Prof. Sylvester and the students of his school. The reading contest ended in favor of Smyrna. P. M.

Rice was the last to go down from the Smyrna school.

Friday night, Feb. 23rd, Mr. J. J. York, one of our oldest citizens died. The funeral was conducted under the auspices of the Confederate Veterans. Gen. Phillips led the opening prayer, Col. C. D. Phillips made an eloquent talk and Mr. J. Gid Morris in behalf of the Daughters of the Confederacy, placed a beautiful wreath of flowers on the casket. Interment was in Maloney Springs cemetery.

John Wilkes Booth was thrown from a wagon by a runaway horse and badly hurt.

The young men's debating club will meet Wednesday night and discuss, Resolved, That electricity is more useful than steam. Affirmative, Oscar Wade; negative, Zack Daniell.

Smyrna: March 15, 1906: Mr. B. F. Walker is remodeling the old Brown residence, opposite the depot, and will occupy as a residence.

Candidates for office are thick as flees on a jack rabbit. The political storm centers seems to have scattered everywhere in the past ten days, causing a mighty wave of handshaking all over the county.

Smyrna: March 29, 1906: Mayor Pace and his squad of hands are putting our streets in fine condition. They made a great improvement along Atlanta street, in front of the post office, last week.

The Odd Fellows will celebrate their 87th anniversary at this place, on the 27th of April.

Our new depot is completed and will be ready for use as soon as another coat of paint is put on. It is a neat structure in appearance, and is a credit to our little town.

Smyrna: April 12, 1906: The W & A trains began to receive and discharge passengers at the new depot last Friday.

Our farmer friends are getting ready to pitch their crops for 1906. Cotton will take the lead, of course, more cotton, better cotton and less money for it.

The mortal remains of Mrs. Reese Whitfield, who died in Atlanta last Friday, were interred in the cemetery at this place last Sunday morning.

Olive Springs: April 19, 1906: The matter of offering premiums for some of the best farm products will be taken up. A premium of five dollars has already been offered for the one who shall produce ten of the largest ears of corn.

We have recently had three deaths in our community which have brought sorrow and sadness to may hearts. The first was

Mrs. James Hodge a kind and affectionate wife, second was Mr. Robert L. Wylie, an industrious and thriving young farmer, and third was old father Timms, who follows his wife who died but a few months ago. Thus it is we are passing out one by one.

The Sacred Harp singing at the court house is the 5th Sunday. If you wish to hear good old time singing go, and if you don't, go and find out how well you will like it.

Smyrna: April 19, 1906: Everyone and everything is making a noise like spring---gentle spring! It is here at last.

Members of Nickajack Lodge, I.O.O.F., elected brother John T. Pace and John F. Petty to represent them at the session of the Grand Lodge, to be held in Augusta, May 23rd and 24th.

Sister Mattie C. Lawler was elected representative to the Rebekah Assembly, from Naomi Lodge, No. 5.

The Odd Fellows will celebrate the anniversary of the order at this place, on the 26th. Basket dinner, good music and speaking all day.

Smyrna: April 26, 1906: Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Walker expect to move into their handsome cottage by the latter part of the week.

Rev. A.J. Morgan will preach at the Baptist church at Smyrna next Sunday at 11 o'clock. For sixteen years he was pastor of this church, and greatly beloved by the people of this congregation.

Mrs. Mattie Dempsey left Friday for a visit to South Georgia, and a fishing cruise at Miami, Florida. She will accompany Mr. and Mrs. Oglesby, and the merry party may go to Havana, Cuba, before returning home.

Mr. James Butler, a well known and honored citizen of this community and county, died near here last Monday morning. Mr. Butler leaves a wife, four daughters and one son. His remains were laid to rest in the family burying ground near this place.

90 Years Ago

Olive Springs: March 3, 1916: Some of our neighbors have taken the advantage of the past cold spell and have fared sumptuously on "back bones, sausage, press meat and chittlins."

Smyrna: March 10, 1916: The ladies of the Presbyterian Church will have a Silver Tea at the Wilson Hotel Friday evening, March 10th.

Mrs. Hulda Fleming died at her home on Bank Street Monday morning. She was one of the oldest members of the Baptist Church. Services were held at the Baptist

Church, conducted by Rev. A. J. Morgan, assisted by Rev. J.M. Spinks. Interment was in the Smyrna new cemetery.

Olive Springs: March 10, 1916: Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kemp's little daughter, Gladys has lagrippe and tonsillitis.

Nickajack: March 17, 1916: The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dodgen will be called Doris Cornelia.

Smyrna: March 17, 1916: The Smyrna Social and Study Club met Wednesday with Mrs. S. B. Love. The afternoon was spent in a study of the Colleges of Georgia.

80 Years Ago

Smyrna: March 4, 1926: Smyrna High school has just suffered a great loss in the death of our custodian, Mr. W.H. Williamson. He was a man faithful in work, concerned in the welfare of pupils and was held in high esteem by all the school. His place will be hard to fill.

Smyrna: March 11, 1926: The Baptist Young People of the Northwestern Region of Georgia will hold their annual Convention with the Baptist Church of

Smyrna, March 18th and 19th. The largest number of delegates which are expected to attend this meeting arriving by train and automobile is expected to reach over 300.

Fighting his way through dense smoke and flame, 18 year old Navelle Maner

rescued both his elderly mother and his young sister from death Friday morning at 4 o'clock when the Maner home, near Locust Grove, caught fire and was burned to the ground. He is the son of R. W. Maner.

Log Cabin: March 25,1926: Miss Evelyn Camp entertained the Log Cabin Epworth League at a party Saturday night.

Mrs. McAdams will entertain Tuesday afternoon at an Easter Egg hunt for the benefit of the P.T.A. of Locust Grove school.

A successful home coming day was held at Locust Grove Baptist church the 3rd Sunday. A large percentage of the membership answered to the roll call.

The Log Cabin orchestra will play at a meeting of the Odd Fellows in Marietta this week. They played at Hapeville Saturday and will be heard over the radio from WSB Thursday, April 1st.

Log Cabin: April 1, 1926: The Smyrna Epworth League met with the Log Cabin League Sunday evening. In addition to the splendid program, talks were made by Mr. Stewart, president of the Smyrna League, Mr. Manning, president of the Cobb Co. Union and Mr. Hamilton, of Emory University.

Smyrna: April 1, 1926: An interesting event of Sunday was the birthday dinner given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Rogers in honor of their birthdays; this date being Mr. Roger's 80th birthday and Mrs. Roger's 76th.

Log Cabin: April 8, 1926: The little folks at the Georgia Children's Home Society found lovely Easter favors at their places Sunday morning, the gift of the Log Cabin Ladies Aid.

The Log Cabin baseball team won from Bolton Saturday afternoon. The team will soon make a fine appearance in their new uniforms.

Smyrna: April 29, 1926: The McNeel-Groover Lumber Company takes pleasure in announcing the acquisition to their firm of Mr. J. D. Ray, of Smyrna. Mr. Ray will act in the capacity of credit manager and estimator.

70 Years Ago

Smyrna: March 5, 1936: Mrs. H. B. Mitchell, beloved Smyrna woman, died near midnight Monday at her home in Smyrna, after an illness of more than two years. She was the granddaughter of the first settlers of Mableton, living there until fifteen years ago when she moved to Smyrna. Funeral services were held Wednesday from the Smyrna Presbyterian church, Rev. J. E. Richards and E. G. Cleary officiated. Interment was in the New Smyrna cemetery. Survivors are four daughters, Mrs. C. A. Rice, Mrs. R. H.Bacon, Miss Willie Mitchell and Miss Athlene Mitchell, three sons, S.E., Alex, and Harry Mitchell.

Oakdale: March 5, 1936: The Oakdale Garden Club will meet Thursday afternoon, March 5, at 2:30 o'clock in the Locust Grove School Auditorium. At the last meeting Mrs. Hoyle Dobbins was re-elected president, Mrs. E.H. DeBardelaben, vice president, Mrs. V. Herren, secretary and Mrs. Glenn Brown, corresponding secretary.

Olive Springs: March 5, 1936: The pupils of fifth grade B at Olive Springs will present a humane Education program in Chapel Friday morning, March 6, under the direction of their teacher, Mrs. Robt. L. Lester. They will have as their guest speakers, Mr. Robert L. Osborne and Mrs. Virginia Gibbs Morris.

Smyrna: March 5, 1936: Mr. and Mrs. J. Foster announce the birth of a daughter on Monday, March 2nd. She has been named Shirley Ann. Mrs. Foster was Edna Guess before her marriage.

The W.M.U. of the Smyrna Baptist church will sponsor a sale of cakes and pies Saturday in the business section of Smyrna. The proceeds from this sale are to be used for the Sunday School building fund.

Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge Westbrooks announce the birth of a son on February 16th.

Miss Ruth Valentine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.H. Valentine, Jr. of Smyrna was married to Raymond Speights Gandy, of Miami, Florida, Sunday afternoon at 5 P.M. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. McCurdy.

Smyrna: March 19, 1936: The Minnie Lewis circle of the Smyrna Baptist W.M.U. met at the home of Mrs. Fred Dowda Monday afternoon with Mrs. Hugh Marston and Mrs. R. K. Hasty assisting.

Charles Brawner, Dr. Albert Brawner, Dr. James Brawner, Jr. and Bill Hightower spent the past week-end at Lake Burton.

Mrs. G. C. Greene is attending the Georgia Baptist W.M.U. convention at Thomasville this week.

Olive Springs: March 18, 1936: Fourth grade B had charge of the March P.T.A. program, at Olive Springs. The pupils under the direction of their teacher, Miss Arana Watson, gave a Raggedy Ann play, making Marcellas dolls come alive.

The faculty and student body sympathize with Mr. Osborne, the principal of our school in the recent death of his father.

Smyrna: April 2, 1936: Funeral
services for Mrs. Rebecca Lee Collins were Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock from the Smyrna Methodist church with interment in the Mountain View cemetery. She is survived by husband, M. L. Collins; Miss Frances Collins, Joe Collins of Smyrna; Mrs. J.P. Mahan, Claude Mahan, and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Mahan.

Oakdale: April 16, 1936: Soft ball teams have been selected in high school. They are Pershing Wright, captain; A. Wood, D. Wood, J. Tedder, D. Settle, G. Valentine, R. Wright, C. White, H. Taylor, W. Parris, and L. Watts; M. Groover, captain; J. Caldwell, S. Benedict, C. Deal, B. Barnett, Q. Ferguson, T.A. Corley, H. Ergle, Thurman Davenport, J. Argo, O.L. Buford; L. Groover, captain; T. Owens, W. Jones, G. Jones, B. Hill, A. Herren, H. Jordan, H. Maner, G.Meier, G. Lynch, R. Merrill, J. Lasater, G. Hill and R. Herren.

60 Years Ago

Smyrna: March 7, 1946: A group of Smyrna citizens last week initiated a bank project, went out and sold $25,000 shares of stock, and have filed with the State of Georgia application for a charter. The institution will be known as the Bank of Smyrna. The charter application names as directors of the financial enterprise W. P. Gresham, G. C. Green, D. C. Landers, J. W. Nash, B.F. Reed, Jr., and Walter A. Crowe.

Log Cabin: March 7, 1946: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wehunt had a family get-together supper Tuesday night in honor of their two sons, recently discharged
from service.

Lee Maloney called on his parents Friday.

Smyrna: March 7, 1946: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gentry are visiting Mr. Gentry's parents in Louisville, Ky.

The Wesleyan Service Guild of the Methodist Church had their March meeting on Tuesday evening, March 5, with Mrs. Maggie Edwards and her daughter, Mrs. Margaret Lowry, at their home on Spring St.

Final rites honoring William P. Gillham, 58, were held Wednesday afternoon at the Spring St. Baptist Church. He is survived by wife; daughters, Mrs. Clarence A. Brooks, Mrs. Carl Cochran, Mrs. Homer C. Brooks, of Smyrna, Mrs. Virginia Richards and Miss Gwendolyn Gillham of Marietta and sons, William P. Jr. and Billy Gillham. Also surviving are his parents Mr. and Mrs. William D. Gillham and sisters; Mrs. M. A. McLarty, Mrs. George Martin and a brother Mayes Gillham.

Smyrna: March 14, 1946: The American Legion Auxiliary will celebrate the Legion's 27th birthday with a dinner at the Smyrna High school tomorrow night.

New officers will be installed, they are: Corine Hosch, president; Annie Jones lst vice-president; Mary Willis, 2nd vice-president; Mrs. Omer Hensley, secretary;

Mrs. Floy Williams, treasurer; Gladys Collins, corresponding secretary; Beulah Dowda, chaplain; Mary McCollum and Cora Fowler, sergeants-at-arms; and Neva Cano, historian.

Mrs. David Cano has returned from an extended visit to Miami, Fla. And Havana, Cuba.

Oakdale: March 21, 1946: The senior class of Fitzhugh Lee high school will present a four-act comedy, "Easy Money," at 8 P.M. Friday, March 29, at the school auditorium. In the cast are: Ruth Crowder, Stanley Pair, Betty Green, Evelyn Black, Mildred Bane, Alvin Maloney, Frances Jean Bolling, Martha Bourne, Earl Myers, Lee Neal Barnett, Dorothy Jo Beatty and Gene Banks.

Oakdale: March 28, 1946: S/Sgt. Homer Howard, just returned from Germany, is spending a 15 day furlough with his wife and parents.

Coleman Lindsey has returned from overseas and received his discharge from the army

L. J. Adair, Ed Alverson, and Jimmy Bolling have returned from fishing trip to Florida.

Smyrna: April 4, 1946: Jean Brooks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Brooks has returned to Camp Perry, Va. After spending a two weeks furlough with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gentry left Sunday Evening via New Orleans for Guatemala where they will live.

David Clarkston, of the U.S. Navy, will return to Bremerton, Washington this week after a two-weeks furlough at home.

Olive Springs: April 4, 1946: Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Harris, who were recently married, have taken rooms with Mrs. Myrtle Wehunt.

Smyrna: April 11, 1946: The city of Smyrna is going to expand its water system, buy water from Atlanta and sell it to its citizens, and build a sewerage system. Mayor Lorena P. Pruitt and Harold Willingham, city counsel announced this in a joint statement today.
The Smyrna city council passed a tentative resolution preliminary to a formal one authorizing the issuance of $215,000 in revenue certificates . $80,000 will be used to extend an 8 inch main to the Atlanta-Marietta line to build a pumping station, and extend fire protection in Smyrna. $135,000 will finance extension of the city's sewerage system and will include a new disposal plant.

The charter for the Bank of Smyrna has been approved, its stock has been expanded to $70,000, and a building for the institution will be put up at once, Raymond Reed, counsel for the incorporators, announced today. The building will be erected on the west side of Atlanta street between the barer shop and the W. A. Crowe appliance store.

Smyrna: April 25, 1946: The county track meet will be held Friday, April 26, at Fitzhugh Lee School. The Smyrna track team are preparing to enter.

Smyrna's baseball team defeated Norcross Saturday afternoon at Brown's Park, 11 to 10, in 10 innings. Brooks, Davenport, and Mitchell hit doubles for Smyrna.

50 Years Ago

Smyrna: March 1, 1956: Cobb County police and 10 volunteers in five boats today went into their 30th hour of dragging the Chattahoochee River for a 35 year old Smyrna housewife who disappeared Monday night. Missing is a Mrs. Hamby, her hose, shoes and pocketbook were discovered on the bank of the river. A note written to her two sons was found in the purse police said.

Bobby Baker, a Campbell High senior, along with Mrs. Willie Griffin, Vocational Office Training Co-ordinator, will be guest at the meeting at the State

Distributative Education Conference which will held in Savannah, Monday night, March 5th.

Campbell High School's band brought glory to the school today when they walked away with 12 superior and 17 excellent ratings at the district band festival in Atlanta. Superior ratings were given to: Jack Pierce, Billy Martin, Richard Morris, David Colston, Jerry Arrowood, Jean Goodwin, and Dianne McCollum; Garland Marchman, Tim Camp; Jerry Varner, Tom Camp, and Dorothy Besack, Excellent ratings went to the following: Charles Gustafson, Noel Abbott, Joyce Abbott, Jerry Black, Jane Carson, Rex Ruff, Janet Couey, Jerry Lynn Harrell, Donald Thompson, Laura Helen Jones, Beverly Harmon, Geneva Atkins, Mary Lou Ackerman; Janet Couey, Jean Goodwin, Nancy McCracken, Jeri Lynn Harrell, Jane Williams, Dianne McCollum, Janice Keen, Charles Gustafson, Billy Martin, and Eddie Bates.

The Atlanta Woman's Club was the meeting place for the Smyrna Social Club recently. Members came from various towns in North Georgia to hear Mrs. G.C. Green speak and to enjoy a lovely luncheon. Those Smyrna members attending were: Mesdames Henry Carson, W.A. Quarles, Tom Kent, G.C. Green, Lex Jolly, Hal Beshers, Blanche Brawner, and Miss Pauline Crawford. Out of town members were Miss Ida Gilbert and Miss Lelia Gilbert of Clarkston. Mrs. George Daniel, Jasper, and Mrs. Warren Cantrell, Carrollton. The Social Club's hostesses were Mrs. Joe Brantley and Mrs. J.H. Henry.

The Cherokee Bowmen will hold their monthly tournament Sunday afternoon, February 26, at their range on Pinetree Dr. The tournament will begin at 1:30 p.m. In case of rain the tournament will be postponed until the next Sunday.

Smyrna: March 8, 1956: City council's get tough policy about city business licenses had several merchants up in arms today. Charges of doing business without licenses have been brought against some 18 Smyrna concerns. This represents a large portion of Smyrna's licensed businesses.

Friends of Mrs. Annie Addison opened the door of her home at 260 Dunn Street and quietly moved in with gifts and refreshments, singing "Happy Birthday" on her 80th birthday. Mrs. Addison's life has been a full and interesting one. She has been a postmistress, school teacher and manager of a large farm and she sent all of her six children through college.

President Roy Wood of the First Baptist Church Brotherhood promised the Brotherhood "a night of program less fun" for their February meeting. According to all reports Saturday night was just that. In the private dining room of the "Twelve Oaks Restaurant" 47 members of the Brotherhood enjoyed a most delicious dinner.

Smyrna: April 12, 1956: E.H. Stephens, president of the Belmont Hills Theater, announced today that the new theatre will open at 10 a.m. Saturday at Belmont Hills Shopping Center. The theatre has 600 reclining seats, full stereophonic sound, a new cinemascope screen, a modern lounge, and many more outstanding features.

40 Years Ago

Smyrna: March 3, 1966: Smyrna City Council's decision on cable television depends greatly on a ruling expected within the next few days from the Federal Communications Commission, a councilman said Thursday.

Smyrna: March 10, 1966: Smyrna city officials were keeping their fingers crossed today in hopes that Gov. Carl Sanders will sign a recently passed bill annexing the multi-million dollar Cobb Center to the City of Smyrna. Georgia law allows Sanders 30 days following adjournment of the General Assembly to sign the bill. The legislature adjourned Feb. 18th. If the bill is not signed at the end of 30 days , it is automatically vetoed, a spokesman in the governor's office said.

Smyrna: March 17, 1966: Two state representatives and two Smyrna city officials met with Gov. Carl Sanders Wednesday to discuss the fate of House Bill 706--the Cobb Center annexation measure. Mayor Kreeger told The Marietta Daily Journal Thursday that Gov. Sanders was considering vetoing it. The mayor and four others who met with the governor will meet again Friday.

Smyrna: April 7, 1966: The financially plagued Belmont Hills Shopping Center was sold at public auction Tuesday at the Cobb County Courthouse. Purchasers of the facility, for an amount reportedly in excess of $1.4 million , were William A. Ward, Stuart P. Murray, Wilson Lavender and the Citizens & Southern Bank and Mrs. Frances King.

The Smyrna City Council Monday denied a rezoning petition for property on Church Street near South Cobb Dr. that had been requested by the Sanders-Castellaw Funeral Home for expansion of facilities.

Campbell's Lamar Reece is playing a devastating dual role for the Panther baseball team in early season games--both as a pitcher and a hitter The fine right hander won his third straight victory Tuesday.

Smyrna: April 14, 1966: The City of Smyrna last week received requests for building permits valued at more than $1.5 million. City Clerk Les Charles said. The January permits included five houses, three stores and a commercial sign; February, 10 houses, eight apartment buildings, a professional building and a barber shop; March 13 houses, two service stations and eight commercial signs.

30 years Ago

Smyrna: March 4, 1976: Have ;you ever seen a 12 foot hot dog, a six foot banana or a fried egg five feet in diameter? Over 30 eighth year students at Griffin Middle School have been involved in making the masterpieces in the unified art program. The teacher is Jane Walker and student teacher Anita Thomas.

"Come Back Little Sheba" will be from March 4, 1976 presented by the Smyrna Community Theatre March 4-6, at the Civic Center in Marietta.

On Monday, March 8, at 8 P.M. the First Baptist Church of Smyrna will have Rev. Sam Waldron, Southern Baptist missionary to the Philleppines, showing slides of his work.

The Pat Terry Group a Jesus group, will be at First Baptist on March 14th. Their sound is a unique blend of folk, rock, blues and country. Members of the group are Pat Terry, vocals, Sonny Lallerstedt, guitar and Randy Bugg plays bass guitar.

Greg Merritt will be ordained to the ministry at First Baptist, Sunday, March 7th at 3 P.M.

On Feb 28th, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Motes, Lisa and Julie Roberts, Jason Cadle and Mrs. Virgil Motes attended the monthly meeting of the Alfred Holt Colquitt, Junior Chapter of Children of the Confederacy. The meeting was held at the Cyclorama in Grant Park.

Smyrna: March 11, 1976: Smyrna legislators Rep. George Kreeger, Rep. Ken Nix, and Sen. Joe Thompson, all agree that what has been termed a "dull" 1976 session was nevertheless harmonious and productive.

Smyrna residents are going to have to have a $2.00 permit before they can hold a garage or yard sale, according to Bob Burchfield who is in charge of business licenses.

Drive In Windows flourish making life easy for those who hate to leave the comfort of automobiles. You now can cash checks, buy food and clean clothes and never leave the car.

Smyrna: March 18, 1976: Mayor Arthur Bacon and Mayor Pro Tem Homer Kuhl represented Smyrna at the Congressional City Conference last

weekend. They joined some 150 Georgia mayors and Councilmen March 14th to urge Congress to renew the federal General Revenue Sharing Program.

Smyrnans Martha Theodocion and Ruth Theodocion and children, Kelley and Pete, attended a National Legislative Conference March 3rd through 5th sponsored by National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., in Washington, D.C.

Michael Wayne Boylston of Campbell High School and Kenny Short of Wills High have been chosen by the Smyrna Rotary Club as Seniors of the month.

Smyrna: March 25, 1976: Betty Abbott admits she's "addicted" but it is constructive addiction. For as long as she can remember she "had to have music every day." And during her 62 years, she has communicated that love for music to thousands of others, including her own seven children.

Lea Bring of Campbell High recently won the title Miss Panthera for 1976 in the annual contest sponsored by the school's yearbook staff. Janet Hair, president of the Future Business Leaders of America and a junior was chosen first runner up.

Smyrna's second annual City-Wide Egg Hunt, cosponsored by the Smyrna Parks and Recreation Department and the Smyrna Jaycettes, will be held Friday, April 16th, 7 P.M. to 8 P.M. at Jonquil Park. Children three through 12 will be eligible for the event.

Smyrna: April 1, 1976: Full service station owners are upset about the influx of self-service stations to the Smyrna area. One has even approached City Council about drawing up an ordinance banning new self-serve stations.

During his long career, Dr. W.C. Mitchell has delivered thousands of babies, with home deliveries numbering at least 300. For these services and many others since opening his Smyrna office in 1933, he was honored March 30th, Doctor's Day in Georgia by the Auxiliary of the Cobb Medical Society with a surprise party.

Smyrna: April 8, 1976: The Teen Canteen on Church street is having a Senior Teen Dance Friday April 9th, from 8 P.M. to midnight. "Wenzlow," a rock band from Sandy Springs will provide the music.

Wit Carson of Smyrna has announced his candidacy for sheriff of Cobb County.

Clyde B. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson, received his Masters of Business Administration degree from Georgia State University on March 20th.

Bennett Woods Garden Club of Smyrna recently heard Dick Deacon of Plant House lecture on the care of house plants at the home of Becky Hoaster on Manson Ave. Hostesses were Joanne Witt, Ann Harper, Jan Campbell, Annette Chastain and Sandra Baird.

Long time Smyrna resident Zelma Motter is a Hemerocallis lover. For years she entered and won shows in the Atlanta area, and has many ribbons. Some bear the coveted slogan "Best in the Show." She organized the Dogwood Garden Club in April 1959.


Flour 5lbs. .38
Sugar 5lbs. .58
Crisco 3lb.can .98
Eggs Doz. .59
Bread 3 24oz loaves 1.00
Ground Beef lb. .66
Chuck Roast lb. .68
Bananas lb. .17
Oranges 5lbs .59
Grapefruit 5lbs .69



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